Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Have you ever thought about how much doctors know?

Yesterday Carys woke up from a nap with red splotchy cheeks. Of course, I kind of went into panic mode. (That's what I do.) I kind of just watched her for a little bit to see if it went away. After about 30 minutes it didn't. Thankfully my neighbor is a dermatologist, which to me that means she knows everything about skin issues. I took Carys over to her to see what she thought. (I can not tell you how many times myself and the kids have gone over to her house with a skin issue. She is always so kind about it too!) Her first response was Fifths disease. The only thing we were scratching our heads about was she had not shown any of the other symptoms, flu like symptoms, and her cheeks were not super red. I came home and tried not to worry about it. (Yeah right!!!)

After her bath the rash had spread to her legs. Now I was really in panic mode. I got her dressed and took her to urgent care. Can I just say, the one by our house is fabulous. I was in and out of there in less than an hour and the doctor was wonderful. She confirmed that is was Fifths disease.

I left thinking, "I am so glad that I have doctors I can go to." I couldn't imagine not having the access to doctors and medical I do. Not to mention health insurance!

Today I am thankful for doctors!

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Emily said...

Noah had that once. It was odd, but like Carys he had no other symptoms. I'm glad she's feeling better!