Monday, January 30, 2012

WeekEND News

We had a such a fun weekend. I hope you did too!

Friday night there was a HUGE high school wrestling meet. It was #1, our high school rival and oddly enough the high school I graduated from, and #2 the high school where we live. The coaches had the youth wrestlers come and make a tunnel for the wrestlers to run out through. It was so cute! Broderick felt like big stuff!

The matches were super exciting! It was time for the last match. The score was 35-29, we were winning. Rob told me that if our team got pinned it would be tied up. (You get 6 points if you get a pin.) Both of those wrestlers had a lot of pressure on them! It was so intense. I am not a sports watcher, but I was on my feet, yelling for that kid not to get pinned!

We Won!!!

It was so fun and exciting!

Saturday we did something we haven't done in over a year. The kids have been asking for that long to go too! We took a trip down to the aquarium. Broderick loves the aquarium. In fact, he loves anything do with animals. I really think he will grow up to work with them in some way. Maybe he will be the next Croc Hunter!

After the aquarium we ate at this really cool grilled cheese place. They had all different kinds. Rob and Broderick got BBQ Bacon grilled cheese, I got BLT grilled cheese and Carys got plain old grilled cheese. I can't wait to go back and try something else! They even have grilled cheese donuts. Doesn't exactly sound good to me, but who knows!

Saturday night Broderick spent the night with his cousin. This is also one of his favorite things to do! He had a ton of fun! Rob and I took Carys out for a little "date". She enjoyed having time by herself.

Sunday was a lazy day! We had a fire all day and just hung out! We went to my mom's for dinner. She made grape leaves. Have you ever had these, or heard of them? If not, they are kind of like cabbage rolls. They are sooooo good!

And tonight...I am super excited! It is Bachelor night! Me and 3 of my friends do a Bible study on Monday nights and then watch the Bachelor. (Don't ask!) It is always fun to get together with these ladies and I am really looking forward to it tonight!

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