Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The BIG 2!!

Carys will be 2 years old tomorrow. Very hard to believe. When I think about the last 2 years I just can't believe how fast they have gone. It really seems like she was just born. She is truly the sweetest and happiest little girl. She always makes us laugh, especially since she is talking more. Broderick loves her dearly and is very caring and sweet to her. Today we were at Target and I heard him say to her, "I love you, Carys." I told him that was very nice of him to say. And he said, "I love her everyday mom." Carys loves him just as much!

We had her party on Monday night at our house. My mom made her the adorable bee dress pictured above, so I based her whole party around that. It was a daisy and bee party. I got bee cupcakes from Sam's. Super cute! We played "Pin the Stinger on the Bee", and I decorated with balloons, fabric scraps, daisies, and found these adorable plates with daisies on them. The food was Carys' favorite things of course. Hot dogs for the kids and pulled pork for the adults, homemade mac n' cheese, and fruit salad. It was a great celebration of our little darling!
She did a great job blowing out her candle!
(And a great job of shoving the cupcake in her mouth!)
The below is a picture of her gift from my dad. Her very own mustang. My dad had to keep the traditions going...1. buying the grand kids a power wheel, 2. buying his girls a mustang. She can't really drive it yet but she loves for Broderick and Kyler to drive her around in it.
Carys we pray your next year of life will be one of good health, happiness, joy, and a desire to learn about Jesus. We love you so much and are so thankful that God has placed you in our care. We pray that we glorify Him each day by raising you! You are our little sunshine and you will always be our baby!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kelly's shower

This is long overdue, but better late than never right. Kelly's shower was a few Saturday's ago and we had a wonderful time. It was all my mom's sisters and some of my cousins. Very small and low key. My mom made some great food, we had cheesecake, and played scategories. That was the funnest shower game I have ever played. My sister looked so cute, too! She only has about 8 weeks until her due date, but she will have a c-section before her actual due date. Little baby Long will be here before we know it!!!
Kelly, Mom and I
Carys just loves her Aunt!! Can you tell?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last Day of School

Today was Broderick's last day of school. It has been such a wonderful year. He has learned so many things, academically and socially. He has made some good friends that we probably won't see over the summer and I am sure he will miss. Braeden we will see though. These 2 boys are so much a like and they have a great time playing today. Braeden came over today after school and they played hard. When I picked Broderick up and dropped him off I almost cried. Hopefully some of the same kids will be in his class next year. When I picked Broderick up I asked him if he gave his teacher a hug and he said yes. Then I said did you give Sydney a hug. His exact words, "No mom! I told you I don't like it when she hugs me!" It made me laugh.
Below you will see a picture of my daughter. (I am not going to use any words that will come up on a Google search, so stay with me people.) As I have mentioned we have been potty training. The picture below is from the day we went to buy the "them". Do you know what I am talking about? I was helping Broderick do something right after we got home. I walk into Carys room and this is what I found. She had put all 6 pairs of "them" on. I think she was a little excited. When I told her we only needed to wear one pair and started taking the other 5 pairs off she started crying. It was so funny. Now she even likes to pick which ones she is going to wear out. She will get a pair and say "pooh", then she will put them back and say "no, belle." It is very cute! She has been a very funny bug lately!