Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birthday Girl

It's hard to believe this little cutie is going to be 7 on Thursday. 
We had her party last week and it was very fun.
We did a spa theme.  Which seems to be the "thing" to do for a little girl turning 7.
That is what the princess wanted so that is what the princess got.
My sister came and helped a ton.
We turned the play room into "Carys' Spa".  This is where we did nails and facials.
Carys had a great time and loved having all her friends here to celebrate with her.

Of course Lainey was here to celebrate with the girls!
I can not tell you how blessed I am to have this little sweetie in our family.
(I type this as she stands next to me and yammers on about anything and everything.)
She is full of joy, love, kindness, and sympathy.
She is laughing or smiling most of the time.
She loves to be with her brother.
She is a cuddly little monkey.
She loves to help others.
She is 100% girly girl.
She is smart.
She is a blessing.

Happy Birthday my Sweet!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Are You Ready to Laugh?

The last day of school I gave the kids a "Summer Bucket List" sheet.  It has like 30 fun ideas of things they/we can do.  One of the ideas was to have a photo shoot.  This is what I found on my camera afterwards...

(Not sure why they are all pink.  Something is wrong with my camera.)
How funny is that?

Monday, June 3, 2013

What Can $10 Do?

Our family has been doing a family devotion over the last five weeks.  It is a book and study guide called "Tales of the Not Forgotten" by Beth Guckenberger.  Beth is the co-founder of the organization we are going to Mexico with, so we thought it would be a good study to do as a family to prep for our trip.  It is mostly about orphans and missionaries and how God weaves their stories together.  It refers to God as the Storyweaver.  It has been very eye opening for Rob and I.  I had been wondering if the kids have bee understanding and making connections...until last night.

Our story last night was about orphans in India and how only 3 out of 5 boys get to go to school and 2 out of 5 girls.  We were talking about ways our family could help kids that can't go to school.  Broderick said, "I mean, I have $4, but what can $4 do?"  And Carys said, "I have $6.  I will give it."  Rob and I did not ask them if they had money or if they wanted to give it.  We were just discussing ways we could help.

The "ironic" thing is...we got an email that Ebeneezer Children's home (the orphanage Rob went to in Uganda) needs money to buy school supplies.  It had a broken down list of how much each thing cost.  So we pulled it up and told the kids what their $10 could do.  They said, "We want to give it!"  I could not believe it.  Broderick said, "I was going to buy 4 hot wheels, but I already have a million.  I don't need anymore."  I thought, "Thank you Lord.  They are getting it."

We got to talk about how God is using them in the lives of the kids at Ebeneezer.  He is weaving their stories together.