Monday, August 5, 2013

Kids on Mission

"Where are you going for your mission trip?"


"Oh.  And you are taking your kids?"


"Oh.  You know Mexico isn't safe?"


"Well, be careful."

This was the usual conversation leading up to our trip.  Like I said in my previous post, I had lots of fears about going. But I can say, now that we have gone, that not only going on mission, but taking our kids was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Our family learned things about ourselves and our relationship with God that we could not have learned in the comfort of our everyday life.  For example, serving others is a blessing and serving ourselves is not.

Broderick (9) and Carys (7) worked their behinds off for 6 straight days.
They were staying up late for worship.

 They were waking up early to eat, do devotions, and serve breakfast.

They were playing with kids.
They were making bracelets.

They were serving food.

They were singing songs.

They were cutting craft materials.

They were caring water jugs.
There were doing whatever was asked of them.

I do not tell you this to say, "Look at my kids.  Aren't they awesome!?"  They are, but that is not the point.
The point is, that my kids served our Lord in another country for a week and your kids can do it too!  It was such an awesome experience to serve as a watch my kids eager to help hear them share their "picture of the day" (this was a something that happened that day that stuck out to you).  Nothing can top those experiences.  NOTHING!

Sometimes I feel like as a parent I can put my kids in this safe little bubble and say they can't handle this or that.  But the scripture tells us different.  It tells us, adults, to have child like faith.  Remember I said the first night we were debriefing and Amy asked about our fears for the trip?  My answer was a mile long.  You know what both my kids said?  "I don't really have any fears."  That is what God wants us to have.  He wants us to go into this world, living with fears, and serve Him.

I encourage you to look into a family mission trip.  I know Back2Back allows it, because that is the organization we went with.  There are all different organizations and all different places.  Last year we went to Pikeville, Kentucky with Youth on Mission.  Do some research.  I would encourage you to start with Back2Back.  I was highly impressed.  (If you have any questions you can always ask me.  I LOVE to talk about our trip.)
Going on a mission trip with your family is something you will NOT regret!