Monday, January 24, 2011

Resolution update

So if you don't remember my January resolution, it was to work out 5 days a week. It started off great! I started doing zumba with a friend and was having so much fun. On the days I didn't do zumba I worked out with the dreaded Jillian Micheals or walked. Good plan, right? Well, then we went to California. And let me tell you, I had good intentions. I took my workout clothes and running shoes. I worked out 1 day out of 5! Let me say, I was walking A LOT the other days up ridiculously large hills, but it doesn't count as a workout. Then we got home and the next day I had 2 moles removed. So, you can guess what that means, no working out. My upper body anyway. Which means no Jillian Micheals or Zumba, and who wants to walk when it is 5 degrees outside!? So I have not worked out in about a week.


But I refuse to be defeated, so the plan is to do the Wii fit step workout and whatever else I can do with lower body. Can I do that for a couple weeks and actually count it? I don't know, but it is better than nothing, right? And if nothing else it will keep me motivated.

So what will February bring? Not sure yet. I am tossing a few things around. Check back next week to see!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I left my heart in San Francisco

Okay, so I didn't really! As many of you know Rob and I went on a trip to San Francisco this past weekend. We had such a wonderful time. I had never been so it was all new and exciting for me. Most of my pictures are on Facebook so I thought I would just highlight some of my favorites. We arrived Friday after a 4 hour flight. Have I ever mentioned that I HATE flying!? If not, I do! So that alone was a task! When we got there we walked around the pier. Below we are standing at the end of the pier, Alcatraz is behind us.
On Saturday we took a tour across the Golden Gate Bridge, to Muir Woods - The Redwoods, and Salsilito - an Island just on the other side of the bridge.
I can not even begin to describe this place. These tress where huge! The leaves and grass where so green. I seriously felt like I was in a scene from Twilight. I kept waiting for Edward Cullen to come running through the trees. Didn't happen, but wouldn't that have been cool!? This place is truly a masterpiece of God. Below: We are standing inside a tree! Inside!
We came across this street! Can you believe it! We have never seen a anything with Broderick's name on it. When I sent the kids the picture and then talked to Broderick later, this is what he said, "Mom, I can't believe they named a street after my name!" He really thought that this street was named after him. Who am I to bust his bubble? We will just let him believe this!
We had a wonderful time and are so grateful to the many people that helped make this happen. It is always so nice to get away with just Rob and I. Can't wait for our next adventure!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 things to love about winter

1. No school due to snow.

2. Getting cozy by the fire with my family.

3. Playing in the snow.

4. Hot chocolate.

5. Sunny days. They are few and far between so when I see the sun it makes me that much more happy.

6. Snuggling up under a blanket.

7. Spending the afternoon catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee.

8. A bowl of soup or chili.

9. A warm bed.

10. Leaving town to go someplace warmer and sunny!!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who wants to make a resolution?

I don't! But that is besides the point. The bottom line is I should always be changing things about myself and trying to do things better. Why does the calender need to say January 1 for that? So my resolution this year...

drum roll please,

is to change something every month. Seems overwhelming I know. But when I think about all the things I want to do better it is more overwhelming. This way, I have a whole month to get in the grove of doing something different or new. So for January it is exercise. Isn't this every one's resolution? My goal is to exercise 5 days a week. I was doing really good at this last year and actually enjoying it until I had the dreaded mole removed from my leg. So, until that happens again it is 5 days a week. Hold me to it people!