Monday, May 4, 2015


A friend and I had a conversation the other day about being in our mid-thirties...which I am not!  She is 34 so she clearly is...I am not though.  Anyway, I refuse to be in my mid-thirties or any age beyond that.  I prefer to live like I am 13.  I mean, why not!? Who wants to act old?

That being said, I had every opportunity to act 13 this weekend and so I did just that.  You all know of my love for Needtobreathe and that I have wanted to meet them for a long time.  They are just people...I know, I know.  But they are people that sing great music!  Did you know that they are currently touring with my 2nd favorite, Ben Rector!!!!?  When Rob called me a few months ago and informed me of this fantastic news I got a little excited.  Okay, okay...I FREAKED OUT!  After I got done freaking out with him on the phone I called Amber (because she shares the same love for Ben Rector's music) and continued to FREAK OUT!  (Amber likes to say I am "easily excitable" which she equates to childlike joy/wonder and I equate to being childISH.)  When tickets went on sale my fantastic husband was online the moment they went on sale and bought us great seats.  I came to learn there was a VIP package where you could meet the band and they sing you one song!  Wait...what!?  So I kindly requested that we purchase these VIP tickets as well.  He was adamant that this was not going to happen. 

Well, I waited and waited for the months to pass and finally Saturday night was the night for the concert.  To my surprise Rob did purchase the VIP tickets!!!  He is so sneaky. He said this was my birthday present which was fine by me.  BEST PRESENT EVER!!! To say I was shocked is the understatement of the century.  I was so excited to meet the band and Ben Rector.  What would I wear?  What would I say?  What do I do with my coat and purse?  Which I clearly made a bad choice on that...

While we were in line I said to Rob, "Do you think I can stand wherever I want? Because I really want to stand by Ben and Bear."  He of course laughed.  When we got up to them he grabbed me and said, "this girl wants to stand right here. You will make all her birthday wishes come true." and then placed me in between them.  Ben (we are on a first name basis now) said, "Oh...happy birthday." AH! guys, I was dying.  I get to cross something off my bucket list now!  Random: do you have a bucket list? I didn't until this's kinda fun.  I have crossed two things off already.  Meeting Needtobreathe and riding a Boda Boda with Amber in Uganda - that is a whole other blog post for another day.  Back to the meeting of the band...How perfect is that picture?  I think I am going to print it into poster size and hang it above my bed!

The concert was just as amazing as the other 4 times I have seen them. Actually it was better.
At one point I looked at Rob and said, "I am standing up when Ben performs even if I am the only one!" No shame shame. There was maybe 10 people in the whole place standing and at first I just sat on the edge of my seat, but that didn't last long...I couldn't take it.  And you know sweet hubby stood with me.  Gosh, I love him. 

So there you have it friends my dreams coming true and why I am, and will always be, #33goingon13.

Friday, May 1, 2015

It's About Time

We've been home for almost 4 weeks and I have sat behind this computer screen 100 times...okay, maybe not quite 100 but a try and put some words to my thoughts.  I can't.  I can't hardly form a complete sentence when someone asks me the famous, "how was you trip" question.  I don't have the words to articulate what is going on in my head.  And if I start to try it just comes out like "blah"...puke.  That's what I feel like I am just vomiting my thoughts on someone.  I have learned from my previous trips that most people don't want the vomit.  They want to hear "It was great." or "It was life changing."  Not all the vomit that is happening in my head.  This process is just so hard...I come home and I want life to stop so I don't have to continue on with the day to, school, karate, dance and so on.

I just want the world to stop coming at me.  I just need a minute to think and breathe and be still.  I understand that this is not a real possibility.  Life and time will continue to go on.  So I must get up each day and do the next best thing. I must continue to pursue Him and nothing else.  I must continue to press in to His truth and His word.  How do you do that?  How do you "be still" but keep going? 

All that to say...I'm still here.  I'm still doing this life.  I'm still pressing on.