Monday, April 28, 2008

Crazy Carrie is at it AGAIN!

I don't know if you all remember the granny party Carrie had last year ( ) ...this year she had a prom party. We all had to come up dressed like we were going to the prom. We could pick whatever decade we wanted to. Well of course, most people went for the 80's because they were so over the top! Thanks to my cousin Bridget I was able to round up not only 1 but 2 beautiful dresses. I had a hard time deciding which to wear, but after much debate I decided on this peach/pink number. My sister was so kind to do my hair and make-up in typical 80's style. (I even had a banana clip.) I purchased some press on nails, shoes (dyed to match my dress perfectly), earrings, and a tacky corsage. Carrie and I decorated her basement in the theme, "A Night to Remember." I mean...who didn't go to a prom with that theme? And what a night it was. We started off eating dinner, having a dance off, and playing some games. And then it was the moment we all were waiting for, well...probably just me, time to crown the prom queen. Carrie had everyone vote according to who they thought was most deserving. You guessed was me!!!! After winning the granny contest last year, I had high expectations for myself. In all honesty, it is just fun to be silly and get dressed up in a goofy costume for no reason but to have fun. One girl even came dressed up as a guy. She brought Carrie a corsage and said she was Carrie's date. It was a riot!! After all of this, we had after prom. We went bowling, our dresses and all. We got a lot of stares, but again, it was a lot of fun! We went toilet papering like any high school girl would do. We topped off the night (or should I say morning, it was 5 am before I was asleep) with some good conversation and just hanging out. It was seriously the most fun I have had in a long time!
Be in my beautiful gown. Don't you wish I could have been your date to the prom?
All the girls that came. As you can tell, there were some great dresses!
Broderick had PJ day at school on Thursday. He was so excited about this he asked me for like 2 weeks about when it was. The first thing he said was, "I want to wear Lightening McQueen pj's." There was one problem, we didn't have any. Target come to our rescue with the ones you see above. I felt bad though because it was super hot that day. He loved it though.

Monday, April 21, 2008

A day at the park

We went to an amusement park today. It was a lot of fun! We spent the day in the kiddie area and the kids loved it! There was more rides than I thought that Carys could ride. We ended up getting rained on at about 2pm, so we decided to come on home. Enjoy the pics.
A race car ride, that they both enjoyed!
Blue's Clue ride that only Broderick could ride. Of course he made friends with the little boy he was riding with.
The roller coaster. He loved this. By far the favorite of the day.
The day was winding down and Carys was getting sleepy.
A pretty picture at the fountains where we ate lunch.
What a great day with the family. I can't wait to go back.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Isn't this funny?!

So my mom called me 3x on Sunday to see if Rob could help with this...
Yes, that is a canopy on their roof. Unfortunately we were to late to get the call and couldn't help. The wind had picked this up, which was screwed into the deck and set it perfectly on the roof. My mom was calling people to see if they could come help get it down, because is was still very windy and she didn't want it to cause any damage. Just as my brother in law pulled up to help, the wind blew it down and into the kitchen window. (the window just below the leg.) It thankfully didn't come all the way through the window, but did break the wood and crack the glass. When my mom called me I was just laughing. Then when she told me about the window, I felt bad. Still a pretty funny picture though!
I also wanted to update you all on my sister. She is about 22 weeks now and doing great. She did find out they are having another boy! Yay! I love boys. The baby is growing and looked very healthy. Kelly is feeling good and just looks adorable. I love a pregnant belly. (On anyone but me!) Thanks for your prayers for her and keep sending them up.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The BIG Wedding

We had a very busy weekend. Rob's sister, Lisa, was married on Saturday. So anyone who has ever been a part of a wedding you know how busy it can be. Well let me tell you, the bride and her mother had no trouble putting me to work the moment I arrived at their home. Which was Thursday. (Just kidding. I wish I could have helped them through the entire process. I was so excited to do whatever Lisa needed.) As you can see below, we had no problem picking on the bride. Friday morning Lisa, the mother of the bride (MOB) Terri, Betsy and I went to get our nails done and out to coffee. After that the bride had some things to finish up at home. Betsy and I had sometime to whip up the fancy crown, shown below, and wand and a guarder she had to wear all day Friday, even at the rehearsal and dinner. Lisa had to wave her wand around whenever giving orders. The MOB kept saying, "talk to the wand." We also decorated the church and reception hall on Friday. They looked beautiful!
Doesn't Lisa look so happy?! This picture below is one of my favorites. I think Carys and Lisa resemble each other and several relatives said the same thing on Saturday. Anyway, this picture was taken before the wedding in the bride's hideout! Carys was very timid, surprise, surprise. But she did it. She didn't make it down the aisle though. Broderick did, it was very funny!
Here is Grandma with the little girls. (left to right) Katie, Carys and Lindsey. The MOB looked fabulous. Bob, the father of the bride, didn't look to shabby either!
Below: The MEN! Aren't these boys handsome? I think the one on the left is to die for. And that little guy in the front. I could eat him up! YUMMY!
And here is what you all have been waiting for....the happy couple.
Mr and Mrs. Josh. Congrats!We had a wonderful time and honestly the trip was too short. I love Rob's family. And I am not just saying that because they read this. They truly are wonderful people. And now...I have a brother-in-law! Lisa, you should tell him to talk to your dad. Ya know, warn him about me!