Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To the man I love...

Eight years ago at this very moment Rob and I were getting married. Sometimes I think it seems that long and other times I feel like it has just flown by. We have done some wonderful and amazing things in the past eight years! We have had great times and really bad times. I would want no other person by my side through all of them except for Rob! Through this marriage God has given me two beautiful children that I couldn't imagine our lives without, lots of laughs, cries and great memories!!!
I was trying to find a picture of our wedding, but due to not having a digital camera at the time I couldn't find one. All I could find was this picture of our first day on our honeymoon.
Young and in love!
Happy Anniversary honey...I love you more today than yesterday. (But not as much as tomorrow!)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a very fun and busy Christmas. We started Christmas Eve at my Dad's house. He always has a wonderful meal and gets the kids wonderful presents. This year he gave Rob and I a Wii. We have been having so much fun playing with it. Carys got these adorable shoes...
I had been in a store a couple of weeks ago and tried them on her because my dad had said he wanted to get them for her. I had to prep her and tell her, "We are not buying these shoes today, only trying them on." When I opened the box to try them on her she said, "Oooohh!" Just like a girl! So when she opened them up on Christmas Eve she was very excited. She wanted to wear them to church with her tutu!
The kids all were such fun ages. Jamison didn't really have a clue what was going on, but it was such a blessing having a little baby there. When Carys and Jamison were taking their naps us adults played a game called Imaginiff. It was so fun! We went to a wonderful Christmas Eve service at church. The kids staying in the service with us and were awesome. It was so nice to be there with my family!

Above is a picture of Broderick and Rob playing the Wii Star Wars game after we opened all our presents. Rob and I had bought the light sabers for it awhile ago but never ended up getting the game. Rob didn't know that I bought the game for him, so Christmas morning he had a little surprise too! Broderick really enjoys all his toys. I think the actual morning was very overwhelming for him. He kept opening things and just looking at them. For anyone who knows my son, they know he is very expressive. One way or another. He didn't really act like he didn't like the things he was opening, he just didn't really react at all. It was very different then any Christmas before. Once we stared getting things out and playing with them he has really enjoyed all of them. I think his favorites are, the Wii, Transformers from Rob's brother, & his marble thing. My mom and step dad got him a remote control car which we haven't got to play with much, but he is really excited to use it.

We bought Carys this dollhouse for Christmas. She loves it. Last night before bed I asked the kids what they were thankful for. Carys said her girls...that is the girls in the dollhouse. Truth be told...Mommy likes to play with it as much as she does!!!

This picture cracks me up. This is what happens to a child after 3 Christmases, lots of cookies and little sleep!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baking Cookies

Yesterday was our annual cookie baking day. This year my mom came over to help. (That is not a very accurate statement. She did the majority of the baking.) We had a great time and now I have 8 different kinds of cookies. I always like to hand them out to the neighbors and this year I am going to use them as teacher gifts too. I bought these really cute tin like pails. I am going to load them up with cookies! I haven't eaten any, but I am sure they are good.
Gooey hands after rolling chocolate balls. We have made these Peanut Butter Chocolate balls for the past five years. The kids love rolling the balls and then sprinkling them with all kinds of yummy things like, m&ms, nuts, mini chocolate chips, and powdered sugar.
Carys was actually more into the baking than Broderick this year. He normally loves to help with the cookies. He did a little, but not as much as last year. He definitely still wants
to eat them!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pictures As Promised

So I have been promising that pictures of the before and after of the floor project were coming. Well...here they are...drum roll please...

kitchen/dining room

living room

Monday, December 1, 2008


This "little" boy is not so little anymore! At 3:44 today he turned 5 years old. Very hard to believe. He has turned into a smart, caring, energetic, sweet boy! I figured it only appropriate that today be a "yes" day. So we started the day off with a show, a cookie, and chocolate milk. He played Webkinz most of the morning and then it was off to school. He wanted to take chocolate donuts to school for his snack, so we left a little early to pick those up. After school I let him have a special rest time which consisted of...you guessed it...more TV and more Webkinz. Aunt Kelly, Kyler and Jamison stopped over to give him a present and say Happy Birthday. The gift was...a Webkinz! He was so excited because this one is a fish! When Rob got home we had Mac and Cheese...his choice, opened presents and had cake. What a great day to a 5 year old.
I asked him what kind of cake he wanted. I meant, like chocolate or white. He was very specific. Green cake with green icing and a black number 5. Pictured below. Great example of why I don't make birthday cakes!

It sure did taste good though!