Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend with Family

Broderick and Rob with the BIG brotosaurus!

Terri, Rob, Grandpa Bobby and Broderick outside at the museum.

A lovely family picture! I love that I am the only one looking and smiling.

Rob and I had a great weekend. Rob's mom and dad came in town on Friday and stayed with us until early this morning. The kids enjoyed having them here as did we. On Saturday we just stayed around town and did some shopping. Then Saturday night we went to the fireworks downtown. That was really fun. We didn't know how the kids would do since the fireworks start at 9:45 and Carys and Broderick are used to going to bed at 8. They did great. Carys fell asleep during the fireworks. Then Sunday we got up and went to the outlet mall. That is always fun! On Monday we went to the Creation Museum. It was the grand opening and it was awesome! There were protesters which made it interesting. The museum is very well down and makes a strong case for God's creation. I don't understand how anyone could go through it and not believe that there is a creator. Just the planatarium show alone, which was the first thing we did, shows how small we are and just how big and amazing our God is. Of course there were dinosaurs which Broderick loved. The grounds at the museum are beautiful. I highly encourage everyone to take a trip to the museum. It is well worth it. If you have kids, you can take them, but Rob and I are going to go back just us. There is a lot to read and with little ones and a crowd we couldn't really read everything. If you want info about the museum you can visit www.answersingenesis.com.

Enjoy the pics!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Clean House

This is Broderick's new bed. Actually it is a very old bed. It was my grandmother's then mine. I used it until Rob and I got married. He loves his new dino blanket.

This is just a funny picture of Carys smashing her face agaisnt the glass.

I have been cleaning for about 2 whole weeks now! Spring cleaning that is. I wasn't going to do it this year, but Rob's parents are coming into town this weekend and that always motivates me to spring clean. However...I am sooo tired now. I also cleaned my dad's and mom's this week. So if you come to my house next week or maybe even the next week, it might be dirty. I will not feel like cleaning for a long time.

This Memorial day weekend should be a good one. Like I mentioned, Rob's parents are coming in and they will be here any minute. We always have a good time with them. Broderick is very excited. As soon as he woke up he asked me if they were here yet. He is napping right now, so when he wakes up they will be here.

Monday, May 14, 2007

My crazy kids!

I went in to check on Broderick a couple of nights ago before I went to bed, and this is what I found.
If you can't tell...He took his pillowcase off of his pillow and put his feet and legs in it. He is asleep also. I told Rob he needed to come look see this. He took the pictures. I am guessing Broderick was playing a little before he actually fell asleep.
Carys has been eating more and more table food. Here she is eating a Nutri-grain bar. She loves them. Whenever Broderick is eating one, she follows him around and makes noises like she wants one. It is very funny.

As you can tell, she is making a mess.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Boys will be Boys

My dad and I took Broderick, Kyler and Carys to a park with a creek today. I knew the boys would have fun just throwing rocks into the creek. And they sure did. When it was time to go I said, "Who wants to go get ice cream?" Broderick of course said, "Not me!" He loves ice cream, but apparently he loves throwing rocks more. And poor Carys, she is bound to be a tomboy! I will keep her in dresses while I can.

Rob and I were moving wood over the weekend and there was a frog in the pile. I let out a little shriek and tossed a piece of wood at Rob when I saw it. Rob, being a country kid or maybe just a guy picked it up. Broderick doesn't like frogs at all, but Rob got him to touch it.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Granny Party!

Carrie and I
(yes...that is me on the left)

And here is the "party pooper"

My friend Carrie had a 30th birthday party/sleepover for herself on Friday. She did a granny theme which meant we all had to dress up in granny gear. It was a whole lot of fun! We did a costume contest, made pot holders, did a scavenger hunt, had to fix some one's hair like a granny and played Golden Girls trivia. As you can tell Carrie knows how to do a sleepover. I am proud to say I won the costume contest. I also borrowed a portable toilet from my grandma and decorated with balloons and a sign that said, "Party Pooper." One girl came without a granny outfit on, so we made her sit on the toilet with the sign. It was very funny. I thought you all might like to see the granny costumes.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Carys is getting SO big!

Carys waving bye-bye.

Carys playing peek-a-boo.

In the last week I feel like Carys has learned so much. She has learned to wave bye-bye, clap, go from laying down to sitting up all on her own and just yesterday she started standing up! I went in to get her from her nap and she was standing in her crib laughing and having a great time. She is 10 months so she should be learning these things. It just makes me a little sad that my baby is getting bigger. She loves to stand and she just smiles and laughs when she is standing. She is crawling all over the place and in to everything!!! I lay her on the floor in the living room and before I know it she is in the kitchen. Which means, I have to keep the floors really clean. Today she was playing on the floor with her buddy Beckett and they found one of the older kids bowls of cherrios and they were have a ball. They were scarfing them down! It was pretty funny. Her and Broderick are such sweet blessing to me!