Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Day packed full of fun

What a great day we had! We started off with Broderick's preschool Halloween party. Carys and I stayed for the whole party and it was a lot of fun. They did a costume parade in the "fun room", then went to their room for crafts, game and snacks. Below is a picture of Broderick's class and his teacher. The little boy to the far left, the pirate, is Broderick's little buddy Braeden. He is a very sweet and quite little boy. The little girl next to him, in the pink turtleneck is Belle. We hear a lot about her. She too is very sweet and quite. It was very fun to see Broderick in this element. He definitely is very comfortable and Mr. Social.
After school we went out to lunch with my dad and Monica. Then we all headed to Kyler's school for his costume parade. It was very cute! Broderick wanted so bad to go talk to Kyler, so I let him go give him a hug before they had to go back to class. I think the picture below is so adorable of the two of them. They really do love each other.
After naps, my mom and Rich came over to give the kids their treats. So we got the costumes back on. I was really glad they got to see the kids though, because they both were sleeping when they got here. After a very quick dinner we went Trick or Treating. Chris and Natasha came over to take Garrett with us. Rob and Chris stayed here with a fire out front and passed out candy while Natasha and I took the kids up the street. Carys wasn't real sure about what to do at first, but it didn't take long for her to learn to follow her brothers lead. She started out riding in the wagon, but soon decided she wanted to walk instead. Broderick was way more into it this year. He was so excited! Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are below.
Then, we topped off the night with a visit from the Rowen, Lane and Beckett. This has become a tradition and we look forward to getting all the kids together. Below, in order, Beckett, Rowen, Carys, Broderick, and Lane.
Here is a very sweet picture of Carys and Rob. What a great way to wrap up a good day!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Little Halloween Fun

One of my friends had a halloween party on Saturday night. It was a western theme. Rob and I had a great time getting our costumes ready for the party. Thanks to my sister and my mom the costumes came together great! Can you guess who we are? Several people at the party did not know. And I am sad to say we did not win the costume contest. We both lost by 1 vote.
(A rodeo clown won for the guys and an Indian for the girls.) The other costumes were great. There were indians, rednecks, rodeo clowns, rodeo cowboys, square dancers, even, a naked cowboy and his wife. (not really naked, but that was what he was going for.) Oh...yes, Rob does have makeup on. It completes the look.

Rob bought a gun set for his costume, just for the holster. He told Broderick he could have it after the party. The first thing Broderick said when he woke up this morning was, "Daddy said I could have those guns." He has played with them ALL day. This is a picture of him before we left for church today. He certainly is a boy!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hayride Fun

Last Sunday we took the kids on a hayride. The hayride was no joke...we went through mud, up and down hills, and sat in a pile of hay. We had a great time even though it didn't feel like fall. (It was in the mid 70s.) I also dumped Carys out of the stroller at one point. Talk about a proud moment as a mom! She was a little dirty, but okay. Enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nothing better than a fun fall day!

We had such a wonderful day. We started the morning off by making donuts. I don't know if any of you have done this before. When I was younger my mom would make donuts with us often. All you do: 1 pkg of little biscuits, powdered sugar and oil. Heat the oil over medium. Poke your finger through the middle of the biscuit and spin it around (lots of fun!), then play the biscuit in the oil. Brown on both sides. Put the powdered sugar in a little brown bag. After you have let some of the oil drip off the donut, drop it in the bag and shake. Your done! So fun!
Above: Broderick making the holes. Below: Our mound of donuts!
After everyone got dressed and the sun came up, we went outside to rake leaves. Somethings never get playing in the leaves. (or climbing on pillow mountain!) Carys was not so crazy about being in the leaves. She was happier just to walk around. I had also put roast in the crock pot for dinner, which made a nice end cap to the day. Nothing like a warm crock pot meal on a cool day. Did I mention I love fall?
I absolutely LOVE the picture below!

Monday, October 8, 2007

FUN Pictures!!

Kyler spent the night on Monday, a week ago, and the boys had a great time. I tried to let them sleep on Broderick's floor, but that didn't end up working. Either way, they had fun while it lasted.

When all else fails...take all the cushions off the couch and let the kids climb all over them.
What really happen was...I was sweeping the couch out and Broderick was having fun, so I figured, why not!

Monday, October 1, 2007


Here are some pictures of our camping trip this weekend. Rob was away on a business trip this weekend so the kids and I went camping with my mom and step dad. We had a great time. It would have been better if Rob was there, but we still had a great time.

Broderick getting a lesson from Grandpa on fishing.
Taking a bike ride a ride the site.
Really early in the morning around the fire.