Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday

We just spent a few days visiting the in laws and we had a great time! They have beautiful property and it is so peaceful! We spent a lot of time talking and playing and just spending time together. One of my favorite things to do is sit with my mother in law, talk, and drink a latte.

My mother in law is an amazing woman. She is a good listener. She is a great decorator. She is a good cook. She makes great lattes. She is a fabulous gardener. She is a follower of Jesus. She is a gorgeous lady.

Today I am thankful for my mother in law!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday {So much to be thankful for}

Carys' party was yesterday and for the first time in 5 years we decided to have it somewhere besides our house. The pool! It was great fun. The downfall of this was the weather. All week they had been calling for rain. I prayed and prayed it would not rain. I knew there was nothing I could do so I tried to not worry about it. (yeah right!) I checked the hourly report about every hour. 30% chance of rain all day pretty much. At 1:30 I checked and it literally changed to 10% from 3-8! I could not believe it! Praise the Lord! We had the party at the pool and, no lie, as we were leaving the lifeguards called everyone out because of thunder!

It was a *birthday* miracle!

Today I am thankful that God held the rain off and that Carys had a great pool party!

Not only am I thankful for that, but also for my sweet little girl. It is so hard to believe she is 5. (I know I say that every year!) But seriously, 5 is kind of a BIG deal.
I believe it is the change over to a kid. Something about that is weird to me.
I am so thankful that God blessed me with a daughter. Her and I have a great time together.

She is as sweet as pie.

She loves to laugh.

She loves to smile.

She is full of drama.

She is all girl.

She is my cuddle bug.

She is beautiful.

She loves to pray.

She is a great artist.

She is mine!

Monday, June 20, 2011

WeekEND News {Unplugged}

Rob and I decided on Tuesday that we wanted to get away.



Seclude ourselves.

It was perfect.
Life has been a little crazy around these parts and we really wanted to spend time together as a family without all the background noise.
We rented a cabin, turned off our phones, left DS and computers at home, and took off.
It was perfect. (Did I say that already?)

We hiked. A LOT!
One hike we did was 2 1/2 miles long around the brim of 200 foot cliffs. It was beautiful. We walked up about 200 steps and then down about 200 steps. The kids were real troopers!
We relaxed in the hot tub.
We relaxed in the hammock.
We colored in bed.
Rob stole the show with teaching the kids how to make face paint from creek rocks. Who knew my husband was so outdoorsy?!
We hiked some more. More steps!
We enjoyed the beauty God created!

Sunday was my birthday (in case you didn't know) and my super awesome husband, surprised me, yet again with a massage at the cabin. It was fabulous! He took the kids outside and the massage therapist came right to the cabin.
I had a wonderful birthday! Could you tell by all the posts about celebrating me!

Unplugging this weekend was just what we needed. It was perfect. (Did I mention that yet?) Rob and I took time last night when we got home and talked about the weekend and how we can change our everyday lives. It is so easy to get caught up in the everyday and not really take time to slow down and breath. I have a feeling this will be a regular event for us.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday

- He loves me and tells me often.
- He makes me feel extra special.
- He loves to have fun.
- He makes me laugh.
- He loves to play with our kids.
- He loves to surprise me.
- He is a hard worker.
- He loves the Lord.
- He is very self aware.
- He is always trying to do and be better.
- He is a leader.
(And a great one!)
- He picks up after himself.
- He helps around the house.
- He makes me better.
- He is a good singer.
- He likes things to have a place.
- He can cook.
- He loves to spend time with our family.
- He thinks I am hot!
(I think he kind of is too!)
- He loves to go on trips.
- He is a great husband and daddy!

Today I am thankful for the man of my hubby!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Am I spoiled or what!?

As many of you are aware I turn 30 on Sunday! I have had so many fun surprises for my birthday! Last week Rob surprised me with a concert. And not just any favorite band! Needtobreathe! If you haven't heard them, download them. You will not be disappointed. Right now they are touring with Taylor Swift so I never expected to see them. Somehow, my amazing husband found a small venue close to our house where they were doing a "little" show. There were only 400 tickets sold and it was in an old theater set up like a club. (kinda) It was so cool. I would love to see them here, or anywhere, again. SOON!
Can you tell I am excited!?
Towards the end of the concert the lead singer came down through the crowd singing.
It was great!
(Isn't he so cute!)
(I sound 12, don't I!?)
The last couple of songs they did "unplugged" without mics even. It was so cool and intimate! At one point he stopped in the middle of the song and basically told everyone to let him was hilarious! (It was my favorite song...the first one I ever heard by them. Washed by the Water) Then after he sang a verse or 2 he had everyone join in.
I had such a great time! I really can not wait to see them again!
Thanks love for a GREAT time!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Done with preschool...

Hard to believe that my little baby girl is going to be in Kindergarten next year. I look at her and still see this little girl! Kindergarten seems big...too big!
She's ready. I know deep down she is.

Remember yesterday I mentioned Mrs. Zembower...well, here she is. I didn't have a picture of her. So I got one this morning. (She is always busy doing something.) Wouldn't you love to start your morning with her getting your child out of the car?
As traditions go...
Carys' door was decorated and there was a gift waiting for her too. Her special lunch came in a muffin tin. (We used to do this all the time and they loved it. I brought it back for the summer!)
There were 3 other girls in Carys' class this year. She drew a picture of her with all of her friends at school today. I think she is going to miss them.
Isn't she a great little artist!?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am feeling very thankful for many things today. But due to the fact that tomorrow is Carys' last day of school and I can't stop thinking about that special place that is what I am most thankful for. When Broderick had just turned 3 and we started calling and visiting schools I knew this would be the place. There is just something magical about it! I remember taking the tour with Broderick and Rob and when went into the "fun room" the kids were singing a dinosaur song. Broderick loved dinosaurs at the time. He was so excited about that! When the end of summer came and he went to his first day of course I cried, but those tears quickly turned into smiles and laughter. His teacher, Mrs. Weber, had been a teacher there for over 30 years and she was the sweetest thing ever. Broderick made a friend Breaden (and his mom and I became friends too!) We still talk to them and get together on occasion.
Broderick's second year of preschool he had Mrs. Merrill. This is one special lady. She is a woman of many hats. She also has been teaching at this school for over 30 years. She is a naturalist for the local park district, sells Mary Kay, owns a landscaping business, teaches dance class. She is simply amazing. I believe her first love is teaching children. When Broderick was in her class he was really into anything army. Well, wouldn't ya know that Mrs. Merrill's son is a marine. He was on a tour in Afghanistan that year. I remember our house church collected items to send to him. It really meant a lot to Mrs. Merrill. That year for Halloween her and Broderick dressed up as soldiers!
As his years came to a close Carys started there. As it became closer to the beginning of school I was getting very nervous. Carys can be a little shy and clingy. I remember thinking, she is never going to walk into school alone! Boy did she surprise me! She got out of the car with a big smile and walked in, waving to everyone like she was Miss America!
Mrs. Florkey was her teacher. Let me just say...she is FABULOUS!
Think of everything you would want in a preschool teacher and you have Mrs. Florkey! She loves to do messy art projects. She gets right down on the floor and plays with them. She is moving the school into more of a "green" direction. She always wants to take things to the next level. That is why she is now the director of the preschool! Carys loves Mrs. Floreky and so do I!
It was only fitting that Carys would have Mrs. Merrill her 2nd year. I was thrilled! This year has been great! I even got to sub at the school which I loved. I subbed for Mrs. Merrills class for 2 weeks on Wednesday and Friday...all day! Her classes were so well behaved, smart, attentive, respectful and kind to each other! I believe those are all reflections of a wonderful teacher!
Then there is Mrs. Zembower! How do I describe this sweet, sweet lady! She is the gross motor, or fun room, teacher. Everyone loves her class! She is also the smiling face that gets the kids out of the car in the morning. I think of all the mornings I would pull up open the door and there she would be smiling. Asking how we are. Asking about my moles. Saying good morning to each kid by name! She is also the cleaning lady of the school. Without her there would be glitter and rice all over the floor. There would be germs all over the toys. On the weekends she is a home health caregiver for the elderly. She is so amazing!

Do you see why I am going to miss this place! I truly love it!

Today I am thankful for my children's preschool and the fabulous teachers that have touched their lives through it!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Done with 1st...

There are so many memories over this past school year...
...the anticipation of wondering how such a long day would go.
...getting to know a new teacher. friends.
...cub scouts.
...field trips.
...first year of wrestling.
...taking Broderick lunch on his birthday.
...watching his handwriting and reading improve. parties.
...the special mother's day program.
...lunch on the lawn.
...end of the year program.

1st grade has been a wonderful experience. For Broderick and I. He learned so much. Not just academically. I believe he is more patient, kind, and focused.

All things that his wonderful teacher helped him with.
She is such a caring and loving teacher.
She always had a smile on her face.
She always had something nice to say about Broderick.

As I drove him to school I started crying. Just thinking about the sweet people that touch his life and then are so quickly out of them. His school is only K-1st so I feel like just when you are starting to get settled we are off to another school. (Thankfully Carys will be there next year.) Anyhow, he made some great friends and had a fabulous teacher. Now they are all divided up. I know he will make new friends and have a great teacher next year, it is just sad.
I always like to do something special for the kids on their last day. The tradition has become to decorate their bedroom door, give them a little gift, a special snack and then their favorite dinner. Broderick wanted pancakes for dinner so that is what we will have.

I am so excited to get summer underway...

Bring it on!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

WeekEND News {All about ME}

Friday night the "plan" was to take the kids to a children's museum. Rob texted me at 4:00 and said my meeting is over pick me up at the office at 4:30. So I told the kids to get ready we were leaving in 5 minutes. (I was finishing a blog post, that never got done or posted. Maybe later.) Next thing I know I hear the garage door open and a horn honking.
I am thinking, "what is that?"
Then Broderick says, "Mom, who is here? Happy 30th birthday Amy."


So I look out the window and see this car...

I open the door and find 3 ladies hiding. I seriously had no idea what was going on. See, my birthday is not until June 19th. I really thought we were going to the museum. I never expected a birthday surprise like this. They came rushing in my house, followed by Rob (who obviously knew all about this and helped plan it) and tell me I have 10 minutes to pack.
We are leaving!


So they help me throw some things in a bag and off we go. It was a whirlwind! I get in the van and Carrie tells me we will be staying Downtown and throughout the next 24 hours we will be doing 10 different things all involving the number 30. (You see...that is how old I will be!)
#1 Go to Goodwill and find an outfit from 30 years ago and try it on. (Also do some shopping since you love to shop there.) Here you have it!

After much laughing and strange ladies asking us if we were hairdressers ("she's 30 and...")
we headed to our hotel to check in and then to a very yummy BBQ place downtown. We of course ordered dessert. When the guy brought it I said, "are you going to sing to me, it is my birthday ya know?"
Of course he didn't know so he said, "hold on" and came back with this yummy goodness. Him and some of the surrounding tables sang to me. It was great!

Next brought a carriage ride through some scary alleys but it was still super fun! (Insert Carrie's deep crazy voice where italics are.)

When we got back to the hotel I had to write down 3 things I want to do in the next 30 years.

They were...
go to Hawaii...
go on a mission trip to Africa...
and pay our house off.

Then the girls gave me 30 gifts. The last one was a necklace from Tiffany & Co with my initial. So thoughtful and my first piece of jewelry form Tiffany.

The ladies had to make a list of 30 words to describe me: loyal, funny, compassionate, caring, stylish, mature, selfless, great listener, wise, good mom, submissive wife, kind, organized, servant, empathizer, good cook, good friend, nice butt, thrifty, appreciative, beautiful, daughter of Christ, leader, efficient, laid back, spontaneous (except clubs), & excellent scrapbooker. (I don't know who they know, but I thought they were very kind things to say about me and I never want to forget it!)

Next on the crazy list of 30 things was putting 30 hair accessories in my hair.

Then they asked me 30 questions and if I didn't answer them I had to do a dare. I think I only didn't answer 3. So I had to chew 5 pieces of gum and then call the front desk and ask for more towels, go on the elevator and sing the national anthem, & dance to a song all by myself. Not to bad. I was a little worried, especially with these crazy girls! Day 2 brought shopping and a lot of laughter. Of course the list of craziness continued with dancing in a store for 30 seconds, taking 30 glamor shots of me and more.

The conspirators!

Aren't they beautiful?
I am truly blessed to have some wonderful friends!
I could not have thought of a better way to spend my birthday. I know it took a lot of planning on every one's part.

I am forever grateful!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am so glad that summer is almost here. Broderick has 5 days of school left and I could not be more excited. I am so ready to spend some time here...
to enjoy more time with these crazy wackos...

and to spend more time doing this...
I am working on the summer schedule.
Which is shaping up great! A good combo of chores, school work, and fun!
I can not wait!

Today I am thankful that summer is right around the corner!