Friday, June 10, 2011

Done with preschool...

Hard to believe that my little baby girl is going to be in Kindergarten next year. I look at her and still see this little girl! Kindergarten seems big...too big!
She's ready. I know deep down she is.

Remember yesterday I mentioned Mrs. Zembower...well, here she is. I didn't have a picture of her. So I got one this morning. (She is always busy doing something.) Wouldn't you love to start your morning with her getting your child out of the car?
As traditions go...
Carys' door was decorated and there was a gift waiting for her too. Her special lunch came in a muffin tin. (We used to do this all the time and they loved it. I brought it back for the summer!)
There were 3 other girls in Carys' class this year. She drew a picture of her with all of her friends at school today. I think she is going to miss them.
Isn't she a great little artist!?

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