Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am feeling very thankful for many things today. But due to the fact that tomorrow is Carys' last day of school and I can't stop thinking about that special place that is what I am most thankful for. When Broderick had just turned 3 and we started calling and visiting schools I knew this would be the place. There is just something magical about it! I remember taking the tour with Broderick and Rob and when went into the "fun room" the kids were singing a dinosaur song. Broderick loved dinosaurs at the time. He was so excited about that! When the end of summer came and he went to his first day of course I cried, but those tears quickly turned into smiles and laughter. His teacher, Mrs. Weber, had been a teacher there for over 30 years and she was the sweetest thing ever. Broderick made a friend Breaden (and his mom and I became friends too!) We still talk to them and get together on occasion.
Broderick's second year of preschool he had Mrs. Merrill. This is one special lady. She is a woman of many hats. She also has been teaching at this school for over 30 years. She is a naturalist for the local park district, sells Mary Kay, owns a landscaping business, teaches dance class. She is simply amazing. I believe her first love is teaching children. When Broderick was in her class he was really into anything army. Well, wouldn't ya know that Mrs. Merrill's son is a marine. He was on a tour in Afghanistan that year. I remember our house church collected items to send to him. It really meant a lot to Mrs. Merrill. That year for Halloween her and Broderick dressed up as soldiers!
As his years came to a close Carys started there. As it became closer to the beginning of school I was getting very nervous. Carys can be a little shy and clingy. I remember thinking, she is never going to walk into school alone! Boy did she surprise me! She got out of the car with a big smile and walked in, waving to everyone like she was Miss America!
Mrs. Florkey was her teacher. Let me just say...she is FABULOUS!
Think of everything you would want in a preschool teacher and you have Mrs. Florkey! She loves to do messy art projects. She gets right down on the floor and plays with them. She is moving the school into more of a "green" direction. She always wants to take things to the next level. That is why she is now the director of the preschool! Carys loves Mrs. Floreky and so do I!
It was only fitting that Carys would have Mrs. Merrill her 2nd year. I was thrilled! This year has been great! I even got to sub at the school which I loved. I subbed for Mrs. Merrills class for 2 weeks on Wednesday and Friday...all day! Her classes were so well behaved, smart, attentive, respectful and kind to each other! I believe those are all reflections of a wonderful teacher!
Then there is Mrs. Zembower! How do I describe this sweet, sweet lady! She is the gross motor, or fun room, teacher. Everyone loves her class! She is also the smiling face that gets the kids out of the car in the morning. I think of all the mornings I would pull up open the door and there she would be smiling. Asking how we are. Asking about my moles. Saying good morning to each kid by name! She is also the cleaning lady of the school. Without her there would be glitter and rice all over the floor. There would be germs all over the toys. On the weekends she is a home health caregiver for the elderly. She is so amazing!

Do you see why I am going to miss this place! I truly love it!

Today I am thankful for my children's preschool and the fabulous teachers that have touched their lives through it!

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