Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday

- He loves me and tells me often.
- He makes me feel extra special.
- He loves to have fun.
- He makes me laugh.
- He loves to play with our kids.
- He loves to surprise me.
- He is a hard worker.
- He loves the Lord.
- He is very self aware.
- He is always trying to do and be better.
- He is a leader.
(And a great one!)
- He picks up after himself.
- He helps around the house.
- He makes me better.
- He is a good singer.
- He likes things to have a place.
- He can cook.
- He loves to spend time with our family.
- He thinks I am hot!
(I think he kind of is too!)
- He loves to go on trips.
- He is a great husband and daddy!

Today I am thankful for the man of my hubby!

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