Friday, August 14, 2015

Closing Day

Today is closing day people!! To say I am a bit excited is kind of an understatement.  We have been packing and doing all kinds of work to get ready for this day.  The next week will be pretty crazy because we have some sort of work being done at the new house everyday and then we move on Thursday.  But I say, "Bring it on!!!"

You might be wondering where we are moving. Or maybe you don't care.  Either way, I am going to give you a little back ground on this process we have been going through for the past several months. 

A few months ago Rob's office moved.  Now instead of a 30 minute commute he has an hour to an hour and half commute.  And a few nights it has been a 2 hour commute.  For several months we have talked, prayed, fasted and considered moving to another state because of this commute.  It made sense in our heads...add 3 hours back into our family, save on gas money, keep the mileage down on Rob's car, be closer to his work so he could meet us for lunch, come to the kids school activities.  The list goes on and on of logical reasons to move.  We tried to move.  We looked at houses.  We contacted schools. We researched good areas to live.  But we kept getting the answer no.  It was a rough couple of months.  The weekend before we put our house on the market we spent a whole day down by Rob's work.  We drove by A LOT of houses and drove around the community.  We both came home that night with the same feeling...if we move there we are being disobedient.  Makes zero sense to most people.  But we are not most people. We had prayed and asked God to speak very clearly to us and that day He did.  And while logistically it makes sense to move closer to Rob's work, for whatever reason, we believe God wants us to stay in the community we are in. We are not sure why, but we are choosing to trust His plan.

We really didn't think we would move from the house we live in now.  But again through a series of kind of random events we found a house and absolutely fell in love with it.  I'm not lying when I say as soon as we pulled in the driveway I knew it was our house. Now, I'm not say the Lord spoke to me or it was some divine moment.  I am simply saying, I had a feeling.  It felt like home.  It felt like us.  It had everything I would ever want in a home and then some.  And ever since we made the offer on the house I can see God's hand in all the details.  It has been so much fun to watch Him work. 

We are super excited for the next chapter of our lives and what He has for us.  We want our family to be used for His glory and His kingdom purpose.  We trust that while this season may be hard and we may need to sacrifice some things, like family time and gas money, he has a purpose.  And we fully believe that in obedience to Him there is great blessing.  Blessings always out weight the sacrifice. We trust that it will all be worth it.