Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas, Chirstmas time is...

over. So sad. I love Christmas. It is such a great time of year. This year, I think I was more anxious than the kids. Christmas Eve I was up at 6am. I could not go back to sleep. I was excited to spend time with family and give the kids their gifts. We had a wonderful holiday!
Christmas Eve we went to my Dad's house. This has been the tradition for years. We always have a great dinner, exchange gifts and go to church. It proved to be a long day this year, but was worth it! Pictured below you will see the gang at my Dad's . (Notice Carys sporting her new Snow White dress. She cried when we left because I made her take it off and would not let her wear it to church. My Grandma thought I was a horrible mom at that point.)
After a wonderful time of worship with our church family we headed back home. One of my favorite things to give the kids is there pajamas on Christmas Eve and their annual ornament. Rob's parents started a tradition when Rob was born that each year they would get an ornament to represent the year. We still have Rob's first ornament his dad gave him when he was only a few weeks old. A car. It hangs high on our tree and each year Rob tells us that his Daddy bought it for him so many years ago. We have passed this tradition down to our kids. This year we gave Broderick an airplane, since it was his first time flying. Carys got ballet shoes, since she started ballet this year. It is a wonderful way to look back over the years while decorating the tree.
I absolutely love the picture below. Rob's face says it all. The picture really wants to make me cry. Broderick did a Santa shop at his school this year. He picked out a gift for each one of us on his own, without us knowing what it was. This picture is right after Carys opened hers, a necklace, bracelet and earrings. He said, "I knew you would love it!" And then gave her a big hug. It truly was great! He got me an ornament that I can put his picture in and Rob a Frisbee. It was so special!
Sometimes the simplest gifts are the favorites. Broderick had been talking about this Bop Buddy for weeks. He was so excited that he got it. I loved it!
And Carys' favorite was the pink cowgirl boots and hat. I swear she has not taken them off. She walks around with them on all day. They really are super cute! My mom and step dad bought them for her in Texas. I have a feeling these will be a staple item in her wardrobe. Too cute!
Uncle Justin has been trying to win this girls heart for 3 1/2 years. Ever since she was a baby she would cry when he held her. She won't give him a hug, and looks at him funny when he talks to her. He finally found a way to her heart. Pretty, Pretty Princess is the answer. He played with her on Christmas day, and won might I add. She is his best bud now! Go Uncle Justin!!!
Remember me mentioning the simplest gifts before? Christmas is about one of the gifts that was not so simple at all. When I think about a young man and woman traveling many miles to a stable to deliver a baby, and an evil King killing hundreds of baby boys, the word simple is the last thing that comes to mind. Unbearable, uncomfortable, unpleasant, miserable, heart-breaking. Those are words that come to mind. Then I think about all that Jesus has done for me and I think... amazing, loving, compassionate, forgiving, sacrificial, gracious. Again things that aren't simple. God is an amazing God that loved us so much he came to Earth as a human; humble and homeless. Mary and Joseph were 2 people that loved God so much they would do whatever he asked. Travel many miles away from their families, leave with a one day old baby to go to Egypt, and watch their son die on a cross. More than anything this Christmas I found myself asking myself, "What do I give him?" After all, it is His birthday.
The time with family was great. The presents were wonderful. The food was awesome. But there is one far better than any of these. His name is JESUS!
Happy Birthday Jesus!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birthday extravaganza and a little bit of flying

It all started with a great party at a local pizza place. We get pizza here just about every Sunday night and when I found out they did parties, my mind was made up. The kids got to go into the kitchen and make there own pizzas. Which were huge by the way! The workers were great and so nice to the kids. We of course had cake and did presents at the pizza place as well.
Tuesday, Broderick's actual birthday he took donuts to school for the 3rd year in a row. The Calcrew brought the kids happy meals for lunch and he had an afternoon of fun. That night we were planning on going to house church. However, that got canceled because the place we have it, their daughter was sick. I instantly went into panic. I had no dinner and no cake. Great mom, right!? So I asked Broderick what he wanted for dinner, pizza of course. That was the easy part. Cake on the other hand, not so easy. He wanted a Spider-man cake. Where can you get a spider-man cake on demand. Thank goodness for Sam's Club! They actually had the above cake already made. Not such a bad mom after all.
The extravaganza ended today with a surprise of flying. That is right, Rob and Broderick went flying! Rob works with a pilot and he picked them up at the airport and took them flying. I hate, let me say that again, HATE flying so you can only imagine my nervousness about sending this precious cargo up in a 4 seater plane. I had been praying all week for the safety of them. God answers prayers. The pilot said, "the weather couldn't have been better. It is smooth as glass up there." I thought Broderick would be scared too, but he was not at all. I was so proud of him. After Broderick and the pilot looked the plane over to make sure everything was okay, they took off. Carys and I stood on the runway and watched them go.
You can't tell by the above picture, but Broderick flew the plane a little too! He sat in the co-pilot seat the whole time and got to help. They even flew over our house. Broderick had a blast! (Rob did too by the way!)
And there is our house. The brick and white one! Pretty cool! I would say Broderick had a pretty fun birthday!