Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Going Private

This is an idea I have tossed around for sometime and I have finally decided to go private with my blog. I mean, let's be honest...I am NEVER going to be a "famous" blogger and I am okay with that. I don't know that I want people I don't know reading about my life. Maybe someday, I will start a new blog that is not so private that will be public and "famous"! But for now, my blogging life is going to be private. I am going to take it private starting Friday. If you are interested in keeping up with me please leave me a comment or email me with your email address.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Singlets, Sweat, and Colorful People

Wrestling has been interesting for a few reasons...
~It has been our first "real" sport. Practices twice sometimes three times a week. Which meant no family dinners on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and sometimes Thursdays.
~All day meets on Sunday.
~Watching my little boy get hurt and sometimes hurt another kid.
~Getting SO excited when he won or pinned his opponent.
~Seeing people at meets I haven't seen in over 7 years.
~I have seen more mullets, cut off t-shirts, braided tails, tattoos, and more Carhart jackets than I care to mention.
~My sister almost getting in a fight with another mom. (Makes me laugh just thinking about it!)
~Watching Rob be an AWESOME coach to not only Broderick but other little boys. He really knows how to bring the best out in a kid and I believe that is what being a good coach is all about!
~Most importantly, watching Broderick have so much fun. He said today at lunch, "I have wrestling tonight." I said, "No you don't. It is over honey." He then got a sad look on his face and said, "oh yeah." He really did enjoy it, learned a ton and is already looking forward to next season.

Below:One of his first pins.
Below: First meet.
Below: Last pin for the season! This was at State.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Help I need somebody...

And not just anybody."

An interior designer to be exact. And since I don't know one or have the money to pay one, I am asking all of you. We got the furniture pictured below about 8 months ago and since then I have been racking my brain to figure out what color to paint the walls. I don't want to buy a new rug, so...I am a little limited. I am also limited for another reason I will mention later. What color would you choose? (Note: My entertainment center has a little bit of red, but is mostly dark.)

Question 2: What do I do with this. I am embarrassed to even post this picture. The fireplace is SO dirty. Since the kids can't eat on the furniture they eat on the fireplace...hence, the dirt. I really want to paint this a different color too. I also need some decorations for the mantle. I kind of want to move the clock too! So...What do you think?

Question 3: See that dark wall in the back? Well, that color goes all the way through my kitchen and dining room. I like having two separate colors, but this is my other problem that I mentioned above. I don't know if you can really tell in the right hand corner the 2 different colors. Can you all help me. I know there are some very creative and stylish people who read my blog so I want to hear from you. If this requires a visit from you to my house or a trip to a store, I will do it.

This nice weather gives me the itch for change, and since I am not going to be moving, paint and new decorations are the easiest way to go. Can you help!?

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

I have had the wonderful privilege of calling this AMAZING man my Valentine for 11 years. We got engaged on February 12, 2000.

Here's how:

He used to lead worship at our old church, so on Saturday night (the 12th) he told me he had to go set up his guitar for Sunday morning. We went to church and he set up. Then he asked me to come sit down. I did not expecting anything. He started to play a song, that he wrote. Unfortunately, he didn't keep a copy of it so neither one of us remembers much of it. The last line was, "Amy will you marry me?" I was so surprised my response was, "are you serious?" Nice, huh!? Of course I said yes and he put the most beautiful ring on my finger. 10 months later we were married at the same church.
I know I just posted about 8 weeks ago how much I love this man and all the reasons why, but I am going to again. He is hard-working, fun, good looking, funny, motivated, ambitious, loves God and tries to more each day, is very self-aware, handsome, loves spending time with me and the kids, respectful, helpful, kind, supportive, a great listener, hot, & all mine!
I will also tell you why I like and dislike Valentine's Day.

Here's why I like it:

I get to make all kinds of fun things. Like these and these.
Also these. I admit, I am no Little Miss Momma or Bakerella, but these things were so fun to make!
I love, love, love wearing and dressing Carys and Broderick in fun shirts, dresses and hair bows for fun holidays. (Broderick won't wear them anymore, but I try.)
This year all of us made "mailboxes" and left notes for each other throughout the month. The kids loved did I, I will admit. I got this idea from a friends blog and it was a great one.
And finally, any excuse to eat cookies, candy and cupcakes is worth a holiday to me.

Here's why I don't like it:

I think sometimes it is an easy out for husbands and wives to not do special things for there spouse on other days. We should be showing each other the love we feel compelled to on Valentine's day all throughout the year. Right!? I don't just want to be taken out to eat or surprised with flowers or candy on Valentine's day, and I know Rob doesn't want that either. I want those things out of the blue. Let's be honest, it isn't a surprise when it is Valentine's is kind of expected, and that is why we do it. It is a surprise on February 20th, or March 2nd, or July 18th. I mean, I am guilty of it...what is the title of my post today!? I should write nice things about my husband all the time. (Maybe that will be March's resolution!)
So, let's love like Jesus loves all year long, not just February 14th.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Me and My new friends

Great story:
I had been looking at buying new gym shoes and found some that I LOVE! They were $80 with is a little more than I wanted to spend, but I thought...Oh well, I will get them in a couple of weeks. Well, on Monday I had a little time to spare so I thought I would run into the store and see if they had them. They did and...they were on sale! 30% off! I was so pumped. I also had a coupon for $10 off a shoe purchase. So I got my beloved shoes for $49! I was so happy.
Of course after buying them I couldn't wait to try them out. When it is 20 degrees outside there is no way I am walking outside, I can't wear my shoes on the Wii Fit, and technically I shouldn't do Zumba or Jillian Micheals yet. So, I decided to go walk the mall. That is where my new friends come into play. The old folks. I mean, this mall walking is serious business. They warm up and do chair exercises upstairs. They walk the exact perimeter without cutting corners. I really admire these old folks. They are getting some exercise. I, however, felt like a fool.
But guess what I did...

I went back today!

I really think I am going to make friends. (If my own won't join me!) There were a few younger woman there today, which helped with feeling like a fool.
I am wondering what the mall security would do if I started walking up the escalator the wrong way for a little added exercise. Who knows, I might try it Friday when I go back!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do I dare say...

...that my February resolution is going to be to change my eating habits?
I don't know...I am scared. If I put it on here then I am accountable and that is super scary! Shouldn't I say I am going to love my neighbor more since it is Valentine's day month, or spend more time reading to my kids because it is the perfect weather to curl up and snuggle with a book, anything but my diet!

Okay, okay...I will eat better! There I said it! My plan for now is this...
Breakfast: fruit or a low fat smoothie
Lunch: Salad or low fat smoothie
Snack: Fruit or vegetable
Dinner: Something that I normally make just a smaller portion
And NO eating after 7.
I would like to eat this way 5 out of 7 days. Sometimes, I am not going to be able to have a salad or smoothie for lunch and that is okay. This is just a start people. Right now, I eat nothing for breakfast, usually nothing for lunch. Snack between 2 and 6. I am starving by dinner so I over eat. Then, I want something sweet so I eat junk at 8pm.

Bad, I know.

The goal is to get rid of this awful habit I have created. I have done weight watchers in the past and loved it, but I have learned how to "cheat the system." Snickers for lunch, with a light dinner isn't exactly healthy either. I have gotten bored with it too, so this seems new and fresh. I am planning on changing it up a bit because salads and smoothies might get boring after a week, but I needed a plan for today and this week.

So there you have it. February resolution....

Exercise update: Still trying to get back in the groove. I get my stitches out Friday so I am hoping after that I can pick up Zumba again. Wii fit is calling my name today.