Thursday, September 26, 2013

Prayer...Do You Take It Seriously?

Think about that question.

There are over 300 verses in the Bible about prayer.  If it is in the Bible that many times, I think it is pretty serious and crucial to our relationship with the Lord.

I heard on the radio today that it is the one year anniversary of the arrest of Saeed Abedini.  If you haven't heard of this man, he was in Iran visiting family and doing some work on an orphanage.  He was arrested because of his Christian faith.  He has been sentenced to 8 years in prison.  This is not eight years in an American prison...this is eight years in an Iranian prison.  He has a wife and two children here in the states.  The story of Saeed make me think of Peter in Acts 12.  Peter too was in a prison for his Christian faith.  We read in Acts 12:5, "So Peter was kept in prison, but earnest prayer for him was made to God by the church."   Have you read this story?  Do you know what happens? Well, if not, let me tell you what happens.  God sends an angel to release him from prison!!!  Now I am sure if you don't believe the Bible this seems ludicrous.  I do believe the Bible and even I, have doubts when I read this.  Do I believe God sent an angel to release Peter because the church was praying for him?  Yes.  Okay, so if I do, why am I not earnestly praying for the release of Saeed?  Do I believe God is the same yesterday, today and forever?  Yes.  Then he can release Saeed the same way he released Peter.

I don't know about you, but I need to be on my knees in earnest prayer  I encourage all you to take drop what you are doing.  Take sometime and just pray.  Talk to the Lord.  About whatever...just talk to Him. 

Our church is doing a serious, starting this weekend about prayer.  I am so excited because I know my prayer life needs to grow.  If you are not in the area and would like to listen you can go here.

Let's be a people that prays.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How Can You Help?

With Uganda quickly approaching there is a major thing you can do for me.



Here are some specific things I need prayer for...

Traveling.  I don't like to fly.  At. All.  Like really at all!  So the thought of being in a plane for 8 hours over the ocean and then getting off just to get on another 8 hour flight is a little terrifying.

My kids.  They will be staying with 2 sets of Grandparents and my sister and brother in law over the course of  the ten days.  Pray they do not get sad about us being gone but look forward to spending some great time with these people.  Pray that there will be excitement about going with someone else instead of them feeling like they are being bounced around.

My Mom and step dad, Rob's parents, and my sister and brother in law.  (See above!)  They are going to be responsible for Broderick and Carys.  First thank the Lord that they agreed to help us with them.  Seriously, without them this trip would not be happening.  My mom and step dad will have them over the weekend and all day Monday because they don't have school.  This can be exhausting.  Bob and Terri will be traveling from out of town so pray for their safety.  Since they are from out of town and not very familiar with the area getting around could be a little tricky.  Also, they have the school week coverage which means more structure and routine and...homework!  This can be a daunting task.  I know...I do it  (Do you think if I tell the teachers we are going to be in Africa they won't give them homework?  Pray about that too!  Seriously.)  Pray for Kelly and Justin because they have the kids the last  night.  I am sure Broderick and Carys will be excited to go with them, because they always are.'s the last night. 

Rob and I while we are gone.  (I will post our itinerary as we get closer so you can be praying over specific things.)  For now...pray for health, safety, sleep, unity for our team, and all the logistical details.

That God will use us in the lives of all the orphans and care givers we encounter.  That everything we do will be a deposit into their lives for the glory of God.

Hope Grafted In (the organization we are going with) is raising money to buy land for one of the orphanages we are visiting.  (Ebenezer Children's Ministry - where my sweet Georgie is)  They are currently renting a small building where 26 children plus the care givers live.  The goal is to buy them their own land so they can move and build on it.  You can go here for more information.  Pray that Hope Grafted In gets enough money to buy the land.  Also pray if God wants you to be a part of that giving.

Will you commit to praying for these?  I would greatly appreciate it.  Prayer is the most important part of this trip.

Friday, September 13, 2013

It is Happening!

I have thought and thought about how to write this post.  I wanted the title to grab your attention.  I wanted you to read the first couple sentences and wonder what the rest was going to say.  The truth is, I can't think of any poetic, creative way to tell you so I will just say it.

I am going to Africa!

Yup!  In just four short weeks my feet will be on Uganda soil!  I am just as surprised as you. 

We found out back in May that a team through an organization we are kind of connected with was going to be taking this trip and that they would be visiting the orphanage Rob went to while he was there.  Immediately his heart was tugged to go back.  We started asking the question... Is this possible?  Over the last couple months, through much thought, prayer, conversation and A LOT of help, I felt God repeatedly say, "go."  I tried to come up with every excuse not to.  Why, you ask.  I really didn't want to leave the kids for 10 days and burden other people with watching them.  It just seemed to difficult to work out all the details.  We would get one thing worked out and then another thing wouldn't.  But I still felt like God was saying, "go."  It was little things, like Rob getting an email from the couple that runs the orphanage saying, "We really hope that you and your wife can come soon."  They didn't even know we were considering this trip.  And things like this happened on more than one occasion.  I began to feel if I didn't go I was being disobedient to the Lord.  And I did not want to do that.  After all, our family motto this year is, Say yes before we even know what He is asking.  I found myself saying no and I did know what he was asking.  About 2 weeks ago the final detail with the kids got worked out and we bought our plane tickets.  It is REALLY happening!

I will get to go to a place my heart has longed to serve in.  I will get to hug sweet kids that I have prayed for and only dreamed of meeting.  I will get to experience something with my hubby that will change our marriage forever.  I will leave my kids in the trusting hands of family and most importantly my Savior for 10 days.  I will do it all with the help of my God.

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Little Espanol

Guess who is going to be teaching Spanish!?

You got it!  ME!

No, I don't really know Spanish, but I am super excited to learn.  I came back from Mexico wanting to learn.  When I found out the preschool I work at was still looking for a Spanish teacher I said, "Sign me up!"  It's preschool right?  How hard can it be?  Not very.  Until you have a fluent parent come up to you speaking Spanish and expects you to know what she is saying.  Yeah...that happened. 

Here's the deal y'all...
I love preschool aged kids.
I want to learn Spanish.
I have a great support in the director of the preschool.
It is a no-fail situation!

Today will be my first class and I am super excited! 
I have all my plans. 
I have Spanish books. 
I have activities. 
I even have songs to sing.
I am going to love it...and so are these kids!

Aquí a un gran día!