Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat Fun!

My little ninja, Storm Shadow, and lady bug had a blast trick or treating. Broderick had been running a fever Friday afternoon and Saturday, but being a good mom...I let him do anyway. Terrible I know, but when you are almost 6 you can't miss trick or treating. And Carys, she would have been devastated if her big brother didn't come along. We tried to not push him and let him go at his own pace. Needless to say, they took about a 30 minute break and then were back at it. We usually have friends over and do a fire in the driveway, but so many kids were sick it was just us. It really ended up being a very fun night.

Thursday was Carys' Halloween party. It was so fun! Little 3 year olds are so sweet! We decorated pumpkins, had a parade of costumes, ate snacks and played games. It was so fun to see her with her friends.

Friday was Broderick's Halloween party. It was also fun to see him at school. I always wonder what he is like at school. He was so well behaved and kind to his friends. He had a great time and it was nice to meet some other moms and see him interact with the other kids. They really do grow up way to fast. Above: every Friday Broderick's neighborhood (2 first grade classes and 2 kindergarten classes) Do a sing a long. Since I was there early to help decorate for the party, I got to peek in on them. Broderick loves to sing, but is very shy about it when he knows I am watching. He is actually very good. Below: He was Superman at school because he couldn't wear his mask and didn't think people would know who he was in his other costume. (He did change his mind trick or treat night about minutes before it was time to go. He was originally going to be Snake Eyes and then decided to go as Storm Shadow. He is a funny kid.)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fun Day with my Hubby

My mom and step dad watched the kids all day Saturday and Saturday night so Rob and I could go to the amusement park and ride the "big kid" rides. It had probably been 9 years since Rob and I had done this by ourselves. We had a GREAT day! It was cold, but perfect because we didn't have to wait in long lines. There were like 4 rides that I hadn't rode yet. Including the one pictured below. It was CRAZY!!! Rob and I both screamed like little girls!
In fact, Rob was so scared this is what he looked like when we got off!!! It didn't take long for him to recover and hop on the next roller coaster.
This one, below, was also a new one for me. Rob had rode it before. He kept telling, "me you will really like it!" You sit down, strap in, then the ride lays you back. You go up the hill and then it flips you over so you are hanging from the track. Super scary! Needless to say, I was about in tears! I hated it! Never again...never again!
Then after our fun day we headed home to change for a night out. We went to a great Thai place we had never been too, did some shopping and saw a movie. Thanks to my mom and step dad we had a wonderful day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Girls Weekend

If it looks like we got arrested, we didn't!! My sister, mom and I plan a once a year shopping trip. We typically go to a great outdoor mall not to far from home. This year we decided to change it up a bit and go farther from home. Indianapolis was the destination. We left Friday around 1. When we into town we headed straight for a mall. After all, that was the whole intention of the trip, shop! We were in the mall for a little while and came out while it was still light outside. When we went to put our bags in the back of my sisters SUV my mom said, "Kelly, where is your luggage?" Then after a pause, "Amy, where is your luggage?" My sister walked to the side of her car to discover her window had been busted out and her car broken into. Yeah, it was a great start to the weekend. After dealing with the 90 year old security guard, (Mall Cop!) and the police officer that we inconvietely woke up out of his beauty sleep. We arrived at our hotel with a garbage bag over the busted window, one bag of clothing - moms, and one bag of make-up - mine. No flat iron, no snack - yeah, they even took our snacks! (Pipe down mom, I know you were upset about this, but it is okay...Kelly don't forget to the insurance about the wine! Hehe!) We tried to clean up and go out to a decent dinner. At dinner our waiter was nice, but weird. My sister kept saying she felt like we were in the Twilight Zone. That is what it was like. After dinner we went back to the hotel all feeling kind of down, but determined not to let the thieves ruin our girls weekend. We tried to sleep that night but really had little luck. The next morning was interesting...trying to get ready with one bag of clothes and my makeup. Thankfully my mom is fashionable and my sister is a hair dresser. We managed...barely. Kelly talked to the conceierge at the hotel and he was great! He had his engineer fix her window with plexiglass, and kept our bags while we shopped. He also called Nordstrom and had them give Kelly a make over since her makeup was gone and mine was making her face burn. Nordstrom also bought us lunch and were super nice. All in all we still had a great time! It is funny to me now, I was laughing while I was writing this just thinking about the weekend.

We don't look to shabby for what we had to work with right?
A little fun after my sister replaced her stolen luggage...I am a supermodel don't you think?