Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday

On Tuesday I got to spend some extra time with my nephew, Jamison. 

If you know him, you know he is a hoot and a half!

He was making me smile all afternoon.   He kept saying, "I love you" and "you are pretty" and "Can I just sit with you."  Sweet right!? 

As I was sitting on the floor playing with him, I was thinking about the days that Broderick was 4 and Carys was a baby.  The days we would have play dates, and stay home, and go to the mall to play, and watch the Wiggles. 

I have said this before, but it is true.  When you are living those days they seem difficult, but in the moment of playing with Jamison I remembered really how simple they were.

Not that things aren't fun now because they are.  There are just different issues.  I even said to Rob that night that I am sure I will look back in on this time in 5 years and think how simple these days are.

So for now, I am finding the joy in these days.
I am soaking up every moment my kids want to cuddle or play.
I am being content in this moment.

Today I am thankful for the fun I had with Jamison and the fun I have with Broderick and Carys!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oh Yes...This is Happening

In a few months my husband will get on a plane with another guy, fly 22 hours to other side of the world an be in a place he has dreamed of going.
That is right.  Rob is going to AFRICA!
When we were just talking about him going it was exciting.
When I called to get information about his vaccines it became a little more real.
When the passport came over the weekend it hit me in the face.
And this week when we write the check for his plane ticket it will be real!
He is going with an organization called Equip1.
The organization was started by friends of ours that have been to Africa several times.
I am so excited that Rob gets this opportunity and it has already been awesome to see God at work.
Obviously there are many things to pray for...
The details of planning and preparing.
Good health.
for me while he is gone. (It will be the longest we have been apart.)
the kids while he is gone.
For the people they will come in contact with in Africa.
I have been thinking on this verse when I start to get little freaked out...
Especially, "the Lord Himself goes before you".
I know that God is already in Africa working.  He is just waiting for Rob to join him.
I am beyond excited for this journey and can't wait to share the rest with you all.
(Who knows...maybe I will be going in June.)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Follow-up to the Meltdown

Don't worry...

I didn't crawl up in depression after my last post.

I actually have had a great couple of days. 

This schedule is working out great!

Here are a few things I love about it:

I can change it.  Which means, I can add things when I need to, I can move things around.  But I can see the time I have to work with.  Like this week, I always hang out with Carrie on Thursdays at 1:00.  But I am working tomorrow afternoon.  I looked at my schedule, saw some green time this afternoon (which means extra time), called Carrie and said, "Hey, can you hang out today."  She could so it was perfect!

Devotions are scheduled in.  Let's be honest, if I see the words clean house on my schedule I am not going to ignore it.  Same is true for the word devotion.  If I see it, I am going to do it.

Green spaces.  This is the empty time.  Which means I can get something else done and be working ahead, I can meet up with a friend or with Rob for lunch, I can work at the kids school, exercise, I can read a book, or bake, or whatever...the list goes on.  But at least I know I have room to wiggle!  (Hahaha...that is kinda funny.)

Carved out time to play with my kiddos.  This is precious time.  When they get home from school, I know I have a few hours before dinner has to start cooking and I can just be with them.  Yesterday Broderick and I played a was great!

One load a day.  I have never been a huge fan of the one load of laundry a day philosophy.  You see, I like to feel accomplishment.  And if clothes are in the hamper, that is not accomplishment.  But I decided to give it a try.  So far, so good.  I get up at 6:00 throw the laundry in, put it in the dryer or hang it up right before the kids get on the bus, and then fold it around lunch time.  We will see if this one lasts. 

All in all, this schedule is helping me feel a little more sane, happy and organized. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

mini meltdown

Do you ever have them?

Sometimes they are BIG meltdowns.  You know the ones...sobbing, snot, anger.

And sometimes they are mini...frustration, a few tears, then a smile.

Yesterday was a mini one for me.

It started in the morning.  I was getting ready for work and this thought came to my mind, "I feel like I am doing a lot of things, half-hearted."  Do you ever feel like that?  Like you have 1,000 balls in the air, you don't want to keep juggling any of them but you know you have to.  Then one hits the floor.  It was the most important one, but you were so focused on the other 999 balls that don't matter as much as that one.  Make sense?

That is how I was feeling.  Except I wasn't dropping 1 ball, I was dropping lots.

I should make it known that I have a problem of over committing.  I tell everyone yes, because I like to do things to help people, and I don't want to make anyone angry.  So what happens is, I can have things to do like clean, or laundry or whatever.  Someone calls and wants to meet for lunch.  (Who doesn't want to meet for lunch?) So I ignore all the other stuff and go to lunch.  By the time I get home I still have things to do and I know the kids will be home soon.  That the makes the rest of my day/night crazy. 

Back to yesterday...I knew I had time in my days to go to lunch or exercise, or read a book, but everything was running together and I was feeling crazy.  Not to mention, I was doing things after the kids get home from school when all I really wanted to do was be totally focused on them.  I mean, I only get about 2 hours a night with them at this point...I need to really make it count.

When I got off work I called Rob and told him all of this.  He said, "Tonight let's make some coffee, and figure this out."  God bless this man!  So that's what we did.  I started by making a list of things that I think need to get done.  Clean house, laundry, dishes, grocery shop, time with the Lord, work, clean get the point.  Then my brilliant husband got out the computer and made me an Excel spreadsheet.  He has never been more attractive to me than in that moment.  You see, he took time to help me figure out my day.  He cared about my day, he was invested in me. 

After about 2 1/2 hours we had carved out time for all the things on my list.  And wouldn't you know I have EXTRA time.  (So call me...we will do lunch!  HA!)

Then today I was reading this and it made me super thankful for my hubby!

Oh, and 2 totally random things:
1.  I am loving the Phil Phillips album.  Have you listened to it?  It is great!
2.  I did the 30 day shred on Tuesday, Insanity onThursday and Zumba today.  Needless to say, my legs are killing me!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

And the Winner Is...

Congratulations Beth!  I hope your relationship with the Lord is as blessed as mine has been.
Message me on Facebook so I can set up a time to get the book to you.
In other random news...
I have finished my 10 raw/vegan detox.
The first couple days were hard, but the pay off was worth it.
I am so glad I pushed through the hard days and made it all 10. 
But friends, you can bet your bottoms that I was at the Starbucks drive-thru at 7:30am to get my coffee.  The surprising thing was, it didn't taste as good as I had hoped.
I also indulged in pizza on Sunday night, and some dessert yesterday.
I am still eating 2 raw meals a day and doing my best to keep my snacks raw.  (Either fruit, veggies, or nuts.)  I am committing to doing this better through the rest of the week.
I did lose some weight.
I did feel better.
I did have a better mood/attitude. (After the first 3 days.)
I did enjoying trying new things.
I did find some great new snacks.  (Banana and almond butter.)
I did not sleep well.  I had crazy dreams and was very restless.
I did not get headaches.
I did not like not eating warm food.
I did not think I was going to make it all 10 days, but I did!
I am also so excited for this journey to continue.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday - not a fan.

 I started this post yesterday, when it was Thursday and never got around to finishing it.
So can we pretend it is Thursday?
Ok, Thanks!
Rob and I started reading this book about a month ago.
It is call not a fan, by Kyle Idleman.
Rob first bought it back in July when we were in Pikeville.
He read a few chapters and was really intrigued.
When we got home from Pikeville it sat on his night stand for a couple months.
Then we decided to read it together.
I thought, I might learn a thing or two.
But the subtitle is Becoming a Completely Ccommitted Follower of Jesus.
If you would have asked me a few months ago if I was a completely committed follower of Jesus I would have confidently said yes.
If you would have asked how I knew I would have said because
I go to church,
go to house church,
read the Bible,
and love the Lord.
While all those things are good and evidence of someone following Jesus this book, along with scripture, is showing me so much more.
It has been life changing.
It is not a deep, theological book.
But it cuts straight to the point and the heart.
We started doing it with house church last night and I am super excited
 to watch the Lord continue to work.
I would love to share this great book with all of you.
So I am going a giveaway!
All you have to do is comment to this post.
Then Monday I will pick one lucky winner!
Good luck and have a great weekend friends!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Can't Comprehend

Yesterday morning as I was driving to work
I turned the corner
looked to my left
 and saw this beautiful sunrise
And, I kid you not, as soon as I did this song came on
I can't comprehend your infinitely beautiful and perfect love
Oh I've dreamed dreams of majesty as brilliant as a billion stars
But they are never bright enough
You are Holy
Oh, Holy
Holy, Holy, Holy
I will sing a song for you my God with everything I have within me
But it's never loud enough after all
You are Holy
Oh, Holy
Holy, Holy, Holy
Heaven and Earth are full of your glory
My soul it overflows with your glory
Oh blessed is He who reigns, full of your glory
My cup, it can not contain all of your glory
Hosanna we are found after all you are
You are Holy
Oh, Holy
Holy, Holy, Holy
I can't comprehend your infinitely beautiful
You Are by David Crowder Band
I was in complete awe
The really funny thing was, the kids lesson for house church last night was about how we can look at creation and know Jesus.
God is so good!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Reclaiming My Territory

So it turns out I am a little territorial.

Of my house that is.

I loved having the kids and my hubby home.  Loved it.  But I did not love the new Christmas toys out all over, the dust bunnies (or should I say bears?  Yeah, they were more like bears.) under the couch, the Christmas tree and all of its needles, the never ending dishes,the inch of dust on the entertainment stand, the toothpaste smeared down the kids bathroom sink, or the stockings still hanging by the chimney with care!  All of that had to go.

I don't like to clean when stuff is out everywhere, so my hubby worked super hard Friday and Saturday to get the kids toys put away, so I could clean today. 

This house was a mess.  Seriously.  I don't think I have cleaned since we have been back from Disney, so you can imagine the horror. 

So today, the kids got on the bus, I made an Apple Pie Smoothie (that was out of this world), turned up Phil Phillips (loving him right now), and reclaimed my territory.
It never felt so good.  It shines, my friends!  I swear I saw the sparkle on the sink.  Swear. 

So for the next 15 minutes, before anyone gets home I am going to enjoy my sparkly house!

Friday, January 4, 2013

What Have I Done?

I will tell you...

I started a 10 day Raw Food Detox.  And I really didn't want to post about it, but I have a lot going on in my head so I am going to.  (So if you don't want to hear about it, stop reading.  And blog is not going to become a healthy food blog.  If you want to read one of those go to Wholesome Bits.  It is great, and Jenna is the one who started this crazy detox.)


I decided to do it to jump start myself to eating better.  I really eat terribly.  We have talked about for breakfast, tea for lunch, chips for a snack, normal dinner.  So my thinking was, if I eliminate most things and eat 3 meals and healthy snack it would get me off to a good start.  I do believe it has done that along with a few other things.

I am only on day 3 and I have learned a thing or two.  (or 5 and counting)

1.  Hot food just tastes good sometimes.
2.  I can live without coffee.  As much as I love my Grande Non-fat Cinnamon Dulce w/ whip, I have survived!
3.  I do actually feel better.  Days 1 & 2 I was grouchy, mainly because I just wanted what I wanted.  (said coffee drink.)  My stomach has not hurt for 3 days, which is awesome since it does almost every night.
4.  I find to much pleasure in food.  Why else would I get grouchy because I can't have something?  I just kept thinking, and still am, if I could just have coffee mentioned above.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  I really like my coffee.  After realizing that food brings me much joy I began to think, "Have I made this an idol?"  Do I look to food to bring me joy and not the Lord?  I think I would have to answer yes.  Which hurts to even say.  Food more important than the Lord!  (This is just day 3...what am I going to learn the next 7 days?)  I am still working through all this.
5.  I can do this.  Each night I go to bed and think, "I am just going to eat what I want tomorrow."  Then I wake up feeling refreshed and think, "I can do this."  I actually like what I am eating and have not felt hungry.  I just really want something hot besides tea. 

All that to say that when day 10 is over, I am getting a Grande Non-fat Cinnamon Dulce w/ whip, thanking the Lord that I can buy one, and going to still try and eat this way for at least breakfast and lunch.  So here is to the next 7 days...or how long I last!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thankful Thursday

With a new year upon us I am reminded of what a great year 2012 was.

It was full of fun, love, challenges, grace,vacations, growing, laughter, serving, and changes.

I am truly excited for what 2013 will hold. 

Somethings I am aware of.  Like becoming and aunt again!  Super excited!

Somethings I am not aware of, but I still wait in anticipation for what the Lord will do this year.

As we start to settle into a new year,

I am thankful for 2012!