Monday, January 7, 2013

Reclaiming My Territory

So it turns out I am a little territorial.

Of my house that is.

I loved having the kids and my hubby home.  Loved it.  But I did not love the new Christmas toys out all over, the dust bunnies (or should I say bears?  Yeah, they were more like bears.) under the couch, the Christmas tree and all of its needles, the never ending dishes,the inch of dust on the entertainment stand, the toothpaste smeared down the kids bathroom sink, or the stockings still hanging by the chimney with care!  All of that had to go.

I don't like to clean when stuff is out everywhere, so my hubby worked super hard Friday and Saturday to get the kids toys put away, so I could clean today. 

This house was a mess.  Seriously.  I don't think I have cleaned since we have been back from Disney, so you can imagine the horror. 

So today, the kids got on the bus, I made an Apple Pie Smoothie (that was out of this world), turned up Phil Phillips (loving him right now), and reclaimed my territory.
It never felt so good.  It shines, my friends!  I swear I saw the sparkle on the sink.  Swear. 

So for the next 15 minutes, before anyone gets home I am going to enjoy my sparkly house!

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