Monday, November 26, 2007

A Thanksgiving Story

Okay, so is everyone familiar with the movie A Christmas Story? I have wondered, after this past week, why there has not been a movie made about Thanksgiving? I believe that if someone ever made one, it might go something like this...

A family of four, we will call them Rob, Amy, Broderick and Carys, set off for a week away with family in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. After a long, surprisingly uneventful drive they arrive at their destination.

They spend some wonderful time with their relatives and even have a little birthday party for the oldest child, Broderick, who will be turning four very soon.
They even do some fun things like go to a train museum, see some Christmas lights, visit Rob's grandma and plant some bulbs with her.
Then Thanksgiving comes. With the turkey roasting in the oven, dessert on the counter tops made the day before, there is much anticipation for dinner. Then the phone rings. "Hi Terri, it is Pat, your mom's neighbor. She has pushed the emergency button and I am calling 911. Please hurry." Terri, Rob's mom, rushes off to make sure Grandma is okay. After running some tests at the hospital the family finds out that Grandma is going to be fine. She had been put on oxygen the night before and sometime during the night lost it. So it caused her to feel a little disoriented. So that night Rob and Amy decided to take their family to the hospital to visit Rob's grandma and parents. Thankfully the cafeteria was serving a turkey dinner. So they all enjoyed some thanksgiving dinner and time with family. All for $3.50 a person.
The real dinner was postponed to Friday due to circumstances with Grandma. The food was passed and everyone had a full plate of home cooked food. It was a wonderful time. But what is Thanksgiving without being stuffed so much you can't breath? Well, Rob wanted seconds so Amy got up to get the glass dish of already cut turkey out of the kitchen. She headed back into the Dining room and dropped the dish on the floor. The glass obviously shattered and was now all over the turkey. No seconds or left overs for them! The movie ends with the family driving back to their home!
The above really is a true story lived out by none other than the above family. I write all that in a comedic way, but we really did have a good visit with Rob's family. His Grandma is doing okay, but she will be going to a nursing home temporarily. She is 92 yrs old and has congestive heart failure. Please pray that they will be able to find a nursing home close to Rob's parents.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My wonderful husband

Last night Rob surprised me with a night out. This was not just your typical dinner and a movie date. Oh no...He went above and beyond the call of duty! He had arranged for the kids to spend the night at my mom and step dads, (Thanks again for that mom and Rich.) We went to Cena for dinner. Wonderful place to try, especially if you like meat and A LOT of it. Then we went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra! I can not even begin to describe in words how amazing it was. There were lights everywhere, sometimes so bright Rob and I had to close our eyes and it still seemed bright. The music and musicians were like none I had ever heard before. It was so much fun. I would recommend to everyone to go see them next year when they are in your town. Even if you have to drive to get to them. It was a great way to kick off the holiday season.
So to my wonderful husband... I love you and thank you so much for planning such a fabulous night out. I enjoyed the food, the concert, but most of all the one I spent it with. You truly are such a wonderful gift from the Lord. XXOO

Saturday, November 10, 2007


This past week has been, well...sick. Broderick woke up Monday middle of the night with some stomach problems. So naturally Tuesday he didn't go to school. He was fine all day though. Then Tuesday night Carys woke up about 3:30 on fire. She just got over a fever, but still is not feeling well. I love my children and I am glad I am the one that gets to take care of them when they are sick, but being in the house for 5 days straight makes me a little crabby.

This week, while being stuck in, Rob, Broderick and I watched a Louie Giglio video called "How Great is Our God." It goes along with what our pastor has been talking about the last couple of weeks. It is amazing. We truly worship a HUGE God that does unimaginable things. Like create! I would highly recommend everyone to watch it. It will blow you away. Anyway it did me.

Rob took the kids to the aquarium last week and thought I would post some cute pictures he took. They are above.
We had Broderick's parent/teacher conference on Thursday and it went very well. The teacher said he is always excited to know what they are doing that day. He comes in the classroom and always welcomes the other kids by name. He then wants Mrs. Weber to say hi to the kids. She said he plays very well by himself and next to the other kids. He always loves the snack! (big surprise there!) She said she loves having him in her class. She had all the kids draw a picture of themselves. Broderick did a good job. It was a stick person and he had the body parts in the right spots. After they drew themselves they were aloud to draw whatever they wanted to on the paper. Broderick drew a picture of Carys right next to him. It was the sweetest thing. When we got home, I told him I saw the picture. He said, "I drew Carys because she is my baby sister and I lover her." Doesn't that make you well up? It did me!

Monday, November 5, 2007

A weekend away

After a nice relaxing weekend it is back to real life for me. My mom, sister and I went to a nearby city with an amazing mall! We went up Friday, went out to eat and spent the night then shopped for about 10 hours Saturday. It was so much fun! Thanks Mom and Kelly! Rob kept the kids very entertained while I was gone. They went to the aquarium on Saturday. Broderick was very excited. He has been asking to go since we got back from vacation. When I got home on Saturday the house was picked up, some laundry was done and both the kids were sound asleep. What a wonderful husband I have! Thanks for making this very fun weekend able to happen!