Friday, October 31, 2008

"YES" Day

Last week I decided that I say no way too much. So when Broderick woke up on Thursday morning I told him it was going to be a "yes" day. Basically, I was going to say yes within certain boundaries. (Some rules still applied.) It was such a fun day and I realized I say no to things just because I don't want to do them. For instance, he wanted to take his sword outside. I said no because I didn't feel like getting it out of the dress up box. He quickly reminded me it was a "yes" day. So I got the sword. We had our 2nd "yes" day yesterday. Don't laugh or call children's services on me...they each had a sucker and a bowl of ice cream for breakfast, watched way more TV then normal, and had a lot of candy since it was trick or treat. (Those pictures will be posted later.) I am sure some of you are reading this thinking I have lost my marbles, but I would challenge all you to try this one day. You can still have the rules that you think are necessary. I am sure your kids will love it! And if you don't like doing it don't. Let me know if you do it and how it worked out.

Thursday, October 16, 2008 son!

So the other day we drove past a cemetary and there where guys digging a grave. So obvisouly Broderick's little mind started racing. He was asking me questions and I did the best I could to explain that when we die our bodies go in the ground and our souls go to either heaven or hell. It was really hard for him to understand. So that night at house church there was a theological debate going on between Broderick and Logan. (Logan is 5.) They where discussing this matter. Broderick still was having a hard time understanding the whole bodies and soul thing. Rightfully so. So then the conversation between these 2 boys changes to Jesus coming back on a white horse. Mimzie, Logan's mom, and I were sitting at a different table just listening to the 2 of them go round and round. It was absolutely entertaining and encouraging. At least now we know they are listening, at least part of the time when we talk to them.
So then today Broderick called his friend Emma (pictured in the previous post) to tell her Happy Birthday. The conversation is going like any normal 5 year old conversation until I hear Broderick say, "I love you, too!" I just started cracking up!!! Broderick, I think, got a little embarrassed because then he said to Emma, "my mom is laughing!" I felt bad for a moment but it was so funny! After they got through talking I had to talk to Carrie, Emma's mom. We were laughing so hard about this conversation. It was so cute and innocent!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A little bit of this and that

We have been so busy this fall. It just seems like life never stops. It has all been good fun stuff though and we like it that way! Here are some pictures of some of the things we have been doing...
Pictures with the sunflowers. Thankfully the wind didn't destroy them before I could get there to get some pictures. It was challenging to get some good shots of the kids though. Tough ages for pictures.
A day at the farm with friends for a hayride, pumpkins, food and ice cream! Hard to believe this kiddos have been buddies for over 4 years!!!
That is our family pumpkin that the kids picked.
I have also been adjusting to a job. read it right. I have accepted a very part time job at church doing preschool coordinating. I have done it before as a volunteer and really enjoyed it. It is super flexible and not demanding. Something perfect! It was truly comical and amazing how God kind of dropped it in my lap. We are also in the process of replacing all of out floors though out our house. I am so excited and can't wait for it to be done. We are doing every room but the bedrooms and bathrooms. (Those will be done at a later date.) I took plenty of before pics and when I get the afters I will post them for all to see.