Monday, March 26, 2007

A few new things...

We have had a few new things happen around our house since I last posted. Carys has had her first taste of true solid food. Cheerios of course. She seemed to like them. She hasn't figured out how to put them in her mouth yet, but if I put them in for her she will eat them. She likes playing with them on her tray more than anything. I also think I can see her first tooth coming through. She is 9 months, you would think she would have at least one tooth! I don't know for sure that it is. If it pops through the next couple of days, I will put some pictures of it. I also nursed her for the last time this morning. It is very sad, but she is ready. She gets very distracted and doesn't really nurse very well anyway. The last 2 Sundays at church she has had some trouble being dropped off in the nursery. The separation anxiety has hit us. She even cried at my sisters today. Very strange. Broderick never did this so it is new territory for me.

Speaking of Broderick...I think we have passed through the potty training. I wouldn't say he is totally trained, but he has only had 2 accidents in like 3 weeks. I am so glad! This means preschool can happen. We have had great weather the last couple days, so we have been outside playing. Broderick has been enjoying riding his bike. He is quick on it! He is getting so big.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I Can't believe I am posting this!

My son, Broderick, tends to crack me up. Today was probably the funniest thing he has ever said. I can't even type it without laughing. He was on the toilet going potty. I asked him if he needed to poop. He said, "No." I then asked him, "Why are you farting then?" He said, "I'm not, I am just making noise with my butt." He said this so casually! The things that come out of children's mouths.

In other news on the James front...We booked our vacation today. We are going to Mrytle Beach in August. Which is also the week before Broderick starts preschool. I am so excited for Broderick and Carys to see the ocean.

Carys is doing great sitting up, but she has already figured out how to get back to the ground and roll around. Again, I don't get to experience the whole sitting at the basket of toys for hours. Oh well! She is also trying to crawl. I didn't really want her to at first, just wasn't ready. But she can roll wherever she wants to go, so she won't be into anything more than she can get into now.

Enjoy the new pics!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Carys loves Food

Last night while we were eating dinner Carys was a little fussy, so I thought I would give her a banana in one of those net things. I had done this before, but she didn't really like it so much. Last night though...she ate like 1/2 a banana. By the time she was done, her bib was covered, she had it in her hair. It was pretty gross, but it kept her quite. YOu can also see the nice orange glow she is getting from eating carrots and sweet potatoes. Broderick wanted me to take a picture of him eating also.