Friday, January 6, 2012

Something Must Change

Yesterday on my facebook page I shared this video. If you didn't watch it, go do that before you keep reading this post... WAIT! First, grab some tissues and be prepared to have your life shaken to the core. You will not be able to watch it and walk away from your computer unchanged.

Did you watch it? Okay...moving along.

As I watched the video my children were sitting at the table eating dinner. I didn't really think about what we were all about to see and that my kids were even paying attention. I stayed staring at the computer trying to fight back tears when one of my kids said, "mom, why can't they walk?" I couldn't fight the tears anymore. They over flowed and I began to explain to the kids why. Now I don't want you to think my kids are not familiar with poverty...who am I kidding...they really aren't. Especially to the extreme the children in the video were experiencing it. I want Broderick and Carys to understand how privileged they are, how much God has given us. I also want them to understand that we can help these people.

Over Christmas break we began sponsoring 2 children that live in Kenya. Broderick picked a little boy around his age, born in the same month named Micheal. Carys picked a little girl named Rita who is also around her age and born in the same month. They understand they we send money each month to these kids to provide food, medical needs and education. But they it is still hard to explain how Micheal and Rita live each day.

(Back to the video) Through the rest of dinner our house was very quit. What had been a very loud dinner full of laughter had turned into a very somber meal. After Carys finished her dinner she kind of disappeared. After about 10 minutes she came out of her room. I could tell she had been crying. I said, "Carys, what is wrong?" Before she could get any words out she started crying. Sobbing. She then tried to say, "It just makes me sad." My heart broke even more. Broderick then said, "I think we need to send Micheal and Rita more money." Which I did not protest. Then he said something that really moved me, "Mom, I have a lot of money in my bank account (My mom and step dad started an account for both kids when they were born and each Christmas and birthday they add money.) I think I should give them that money too!" Even typing this brings tears to my eyes. Broderick and Carys saw the urgency of helping these kids.

I must tell you, as I watched the video and saw the people standing around, I kept thinking...Do something! Help that little girl bathe them. Pick them up and hold them! Something. It doesn't matter what. Don't just stand there.

Then it struck me...
Isn't that what I do Sit and watch the hurting broken people around me. Can't I help them? Yes. Yes I can. And I will. I refuse to be a person that ignores the pain and suffering in this world. Like I said a few days ago, does that mean I am hopping on the next plain to Africa, no. It does mean I will do something.

Now, go watch this video. It is the next part of what happened to Esther, Sam and Jane. It will give you hope. It shows what can happen if we help.

Again I want to remind you that if you would like to help my friend Diana and her family please visit her blog to get more information on what you can do.

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