Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WeekEND News

It is Tuesday and I am SO happy! Rob has been out of town since Saturday morning and the kids didn't have school yesterday, so you know what that means...long weekend for mama!

We really did have a great weekend. The trouble is...I don't sleep well when my man isn't home. So I just get super tired. So here is a recap of what we did this weekend without the hubs...

Chuck E. Cheese (10:00 am is the only time I will go with both kids by myself.)
My nephews basketball game. (He is so good! He said to me after, "I didn't have a very good game." I thought he did. He was so cute. He would see us cheering for him and I could tell he was trying not to smile. It was so cute!
Ikea (You would like to watch my kids for an hour while I shop by myself? Why, sure! I would love that!)
Bob Evans for lunch at 2:00...yup, 2:00. (That's the way we do it when it is just the three of us! To be honest we normally don't really have meals, we just snack!)
Hung out with a few of my favorite ladies and our kiddos.

Wrestling (Can I just tell you my son is one tough cookie. He won one of the three matches. He never got pinned, just lost by points. He is so tough!)
When we got home I made a fire and we all slept in the living room and watched a movie. It was so much fun.

We went and hung out with my dear friend, Emily. She recently moved so I wanted to see her new house. Our kids don't get to play together much because of school, so with the holiday it was perfect!
The kids had ballet and wrestling last night. My mom helped me out and picked Broderick up. When they got home Broderick was taking a shower and the power went out! Random. I swear we live on the worst grid in the state! When I got home I knew there was no chance I was sleeping here, by myself, with no power. So I went to my moms to spend the night. The bad thing was, my 3 girlfriends were coming over to watch the Bachelor. (Guilty pleasure!) So I had to call them and cancel. The good thing...I got to watch it with my mom and step dad! I think they might be hooked! It was hilarious! My step dad was saying, "She is crazy!" "She can go, but she needs to stay!" "Who is that chick!" Hi.lar.i.ous!

Now I am back home and I have power! Yay! And my hubby is on a plane home! Yay!

Have a great week everyone!

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FilledToTheBrim - Kate said...

I love Ikea, I don't get there enough. This is random (from your school comment), but I love that one of the kids teachers now comes to house church, that's definitely what it's all about :)!