Monday, March 12, 2012

WeekEND News

Oh, Monday. Sometimes I look forward to you. It offers a new start. Today, however, I am feeling tired...thanks to Daylight Savings Time. Also, because my hubby was out of town over the weekend and I never sleep good when he is away. However, I will embrace this Monday with joyfulness.
While Rob was gone the kids and I spent most of our time at my mom and step dad's. (I am a BIG baby!) The kids, of course, loved it and I slept a little better than normal. I was planning on doing something fun with the kids on Saturday but Broderick started running a fever Friday night. So Saturday we rented some movies and hunkered down. I watched The Help and Footloose. Both pretty good. Sunday was gorgeous! We spent some time playing outside. It was great to just sit out back and let the kids play. It made me anxious to get the trampoline up. Rob got home last night around dinner and we even grilled out!
Like I said, Monday offers a fresh start. And that means Spring cleaning begins today. I am usually pretty motivated to do, but not this year. I will get there...hopefully!

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Melanie said...

When you get motivated for Spring cleaning feel free to hop on over my way! Love to read your blog :)