Monday, October 31, 2011

WeekEND News {Halloween Edition}

Rob and I had our annual Halloween party to got to on Friday. My friend, Carrie, has one every year and it is always fun. This year was a music mania theme. We went as Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. We won the costume contest. I was actually really surprised that we did. We didn't decide what we were going to be until last week and I really didn't think it was the best idea. It came together great though. And we had a wonderful time.

Saturday morning we carved pumpkins. I love that this is a "family" activity, because do you know what typically happens?
Rob and I dig out all the goop.
Sometimes the kids draw the face.
And then Rob and I carve them.
Oh well, the kids like doing it. (Whatever "it" is that they do!)

Later on Saturday we went Trick or Treating at an old Pioneer Village. We could go in the old houses. They were so cool. Sometimes I think it would have been so neat to live back in this time period. I did find out that if you become a member of the association you get put on a waiting list to "own" one of the houses. Basically, you are responsible for up keep on it. But you can stay in it. Wouldn't that be great! I am seriously considering it!
(Notice how I said I! I don't know if Rob would go for it!)

Sunday, after a very convicting message about "Who's Your Daddy?", we had Bagging Day for Haiti. I am going to do a post on Wednesday all about Bagging Day, but here is a picture to get you excited.

Last night, I think was my favorite moment of the whole weekend though! We had movie night, and got done a little early. It was just starting to get dark and the kids had a lot of energy. So, I told them they could go jump on the trampoline if they wanted.
There eyes got as big as oranges and they said, "Really!"
I mean, seriously, was it that big of a surprise? Must have been, because they thought it was the greatest. I need to is the small things that matter to them!

Now, after 2 parties and visiting Grandma, it is time to get ready for Trick or Treat!
I have a very excited Ninja and Kitty!

Happy Halloween!

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