Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend News

Once again, our weekend was crammed pack of fun! That is how we like it!
Friday night we took the kids to do something very special that they have never done before, but something Rob and I love!
We started the evening off at a new place to eat.
We got to eat in the kitchen of the restaurant. So fun!
The food was good and we all enjoyed it.

After that we headed downtown and walked around for a bit.
And then,
We went here...

This is the first Broadway show the kids have been to. Rob and I saw Beauty and the Beast years ago and when we found out it was coming this year I knew I wanted to take the kids.
When we first told them what we were doing (we didn't tell them until they saw the poster above) Carys of course of ecstatic! Broderick got this look on his face and said, "really?"
What 8 year old boy wants to see a Broadway show about a princess?
I knew as soon as it started he would love it! And that is exactly what happened.
As soon as the curtain opened he said, "This is awesome!"
Followed by a, "Wow! This is so cool!"
They both could not take their eyes off the stage the entire time!
I can not wait to take them to another one!

Since Friday was such a late night Saturday morning we hung around home and rested for a bit and then Rob and I got some yard work done while the kids played.
Some of the leaves have started to fall so we made our first of many leaf piles to jump in.

What is it about jumping in a leaf pile that makes everyone smile?

We all took an afternoon nap and then headed out for the evening again.

A few weeks ago we found this great park/farm.
When we heard they did a fall festival we were all over it!
It was so much fun! We will for sure go back!
They had lights all over the place, a moon bounce, a huge slide, a magic show, hayride, snacks, an indoor play barn, music, fires, s'mores. It to top it off, the weather was perfect to be outside!

We are not done yet folks. Are you tired yet?
Sunday we went to the amusement park for their Halloween fun! The kids wore their costumes and we met some friends down there. How fun to ride roller coasters in your costume!? They loved it! There was a maze, tractor riding, games, crafts, music, dancing, and a foam pit. Which we did not do because a kid puked in it right before we were about to do in! Dis.gus.ting!
(I would love to do one in my garage for a birthday or just for fun...any ideas how?)

That pretty much wraps up the weekend!
Today the kids don't have school and my car is getting worked on so that means...
relaxing and playing for them,
and cleaning for me.
I am going to try to get it all done early so we can play this afternoon!

How was your weekend?

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