Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shake it!

I am not going to bore you withe details of this past weekend. Truthfully, it was just that...boring. The most exciting thing I did was paint my shutters. I know, I lead an exciting life. And the real bummer is, I didn't even paint them a fun color, green. They were already green, but hunter green. Eew! They have been since we bought the house, except now, they were faded. Even worse than hunter green is faded hunter green.

Ok, so I did bore you a little. Sorry.
One night last week I had a super fun night with my friend Maria at The B.M.C. Report.
She called me a few weeks ago and had gotten 2 tickets from one of her friends to go see So You Think You Can Dance, live! Of course when she asked me to go with her, I said YES!!

Maria and I do Zumba together. (She is the one who got me into it.)
She could tell you first hand how terrible I am! Either way, I love to shake it!
(I am sorry to all the people that have to watch!)
Needless to say, we watched in amazement at how well these people can dance. It is one thing to see them on tv and a completely different thing to see them live.
Do you remember the Broadway dancer Jess?
Well, I did not like him at all on the show. He drove me crazy.
I am sorry for that because he was the best one!
Oh and did I mention, we had box seats? Which means that when we ordered pretzel bites, we got about 150. No lie! We didn't eat them all. A lot, but not all!

We had such a great time and now...
we want to take adult dance classes!
Wouldn't that be hysterical!!!?


Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

First of all, you do a great job at zumba! I am so thankfuI to have someone else to shake it with!
I still can't believe how fun that night was and how great Jess was. We will be back next year and with a few adult dance classes under our belts we may be asked to perform with them!! Ha!

Amy said...

Oh my! I think we (well, at least me) would be escorted out of the building! And we will be back with Ricki and Carrie!