Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Keepin' It Real People

Yesterday a friend (well, my best friend) and I were talking, like we do everyday, and we briefly discussed blogging, like we have many times before. She doesn't have a blog, but she totally should. (Another post for another day!) It is so easy to read someone's blog and begin to compare yourself.

...your looks.
...your style.
...your parenting.
...your income.
...your creativity.

Can I just say this is not healthy. To be honest, that is why my blog was private for awhile. I was beginning to compare and think negatively about my self. So I took my blog private and stopped reading other peoples. It helped. Obviously, my blog is public again and I read more blogs than I should. However, I see them through different eyes. My friend made the comment that she read some blogs yesterday and when she was done was feeling down about herself. I don't EVER want people to read my blog and feel that way. I blog because I love to. Because I want a record of all these memories. Because I want to encourage others. Not to make others feel bad or make myself look like something I am not. It is so easy to write what we want others to know about us. To write things to make us look good. To write things so others form certain opinions about us. So today, I am going to be real and let you see some of the real me.
(Because you can't see all of it just this one time!)

I hate exercising, unless it is Zumba, and I love to eat junk food. Most days I don't eat until 2 and if I do it is candy or chips.

I yell at my kids...often.

I am not creative at all. I just copy other peoples ideas.

My kids watch a lot of tv most days.

I struggle with being insecure.

I hate the grocery store and think it is torture to take my children there.

I wanted 5 kids before we had Broderick. I could not handle more than the 2 I have.

My husband and I fight.

Sometimes , okay a lot of the time, I get a bad attitude about doing things for my family.

I love my kids and doing fun things with them, but I also love rest time at 2:00!

I have gotten into this terrible habit of sleeping until about 8:00. My kids play in their rooms if they wake up before that.

My favorite place to shop is Goodwill.

I don't read the Bible or have a devotion with my kids everyday. In fact, Sunday morning Carys said, "Mom, we need to start reading the Bible again." Hows that for conviction!

So there you have it. A few things about me that I wouldn't normally want to share with the masses. But...it is part of me.


Emily said...

I totally agree! Blogs/facebook make us quick to look at others and compare ourselves to them in so many areas and be hard on ourselves for no good reason. And it can tempt us to fake it so others think we are something we are not.

Here's a confession for ya: I, too have a bad habit of not getting out of bed before my kids (one of those things I say I will work on "tomorrow.") Thankfully my girls like to sleep in a bit, but my boys are early risers. But they don't play quietly in their room until I get up. My boys get up and play video games. shhh... don't tell anyone! ;)

Amy said...

Thanks Emily! Usually mine are also playing DS. I think, "Whatever keeps 'em quiet for 5 more minutes. Great parenting I know!

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

LOVE this post my friend! By the way, this *friend/best friend* she should totally have a blog.

Anonymous said...

What a great post Amy, it make you human! You are an awesome person and a wonderful mom. It is okay, all the things you blogged about. You are very creative and a beautiful person. I could never be more proud of my two daughters, they are the mothers I wish I would have been. ; )

The Family Fun Mom said...

Love this post! How right you are that we compare ourselves much too often. But I must say, that while reading too many blogs and taking them too seriously is NOT good, I have actually grown and learned from some blogs too, (Like yours!). Thanks sista!

p.s.-I agree...she should have a blog!