Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I have been flying for over a week!

Have you ever heard of the Flylady?
If you haven't you must check her out!

I was first introduced to her about 2 weeks ago. I am so thankful!

For any of you that know me, you know I love a clean house. I mean like, LOVE, a clean house.
Of course, with kids and summer, and trying to have a life, it can be very difficult.
(My house is small, so it isn't super hard to clean but I still feel like I am taking time away from my kids when I do.)

So, back to the flylady.
Among many other things, she gives you a "job" each day. She designates everything in your house a zone. Then each day you spend 15 minutes cleaning something in that zone. The best part...she tells you what to do. It always seems to be something you (I) don't normally think of.

Cleaning off your fridge.
Wiping fingerprints off doors.
Washing rugs in the bathroom.


There a few things I don't really do. Not because I don't like her idea, I just prefer to do it differently. For example she says to get dressed each morning right your shoes. I don't like wearing shoes in my house so I put on my slippers. This is also hard in the summer because I like to veg out with the kids in the morning in our jammies and drink coffee. (I drink the coffee, not the kids, and a lot of it.)
She also says to do a load of laundry a day. Ugh! I hate laundry so the idea of doing it everyday makes me sick! I understand for some of you with large families this works. I prefer to do it all in one day two times a week. I feel like the hamper is empty for at least a minute!

Somethings I absolutely love...
(besides what I already mentioned.)
She has a kids zone too! They are responsible for their rooms and she assigns them jobs as well.
Each day she includes 15 minutes of exercise and decluttering!
Sunday is your day of rest and spiritual "cleansing."
Her lingo is so fun. Flybabies - that's me. Super Fling Boogie. Swish and swipe.
Swish and Swipe. Ohmigoodness...this is amazing! Love it! (Can you hear me singing!)

All this to say it works for me!
Now go check out We are that family and see what else works for others!


Lisa said...

I started doing Fly Lady last year. Love it! It's amazing how a clean kitchen sink can make you good.

Got out the Fly Lady habit since Emily was born...

Ferree Bowman Hardy said...

Thanks for the recommendation--I need some help so I'll check this out :)