Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How do you road trip?

With Summer upon us I am sure many of you are traveling.
My family just got back from a 9 our road trip. This is a trip we have made countless times so I have it down to a science pretty much. Broderick was 4 weeks old the first time we took this trip with kids. (That was not the best trip, but I have learned a lot since then.)

Before we go, I have the kids each pack a bag full of toys.

We load up on snacks. I pack each kid their own snack bag that is right by them so whenever they want one they can reach it.

We pack special car games (Card games like "Would you Rather" Super fun.) and coloring pages.

Of course, there are movies, DS, Leapsters.

And there are always gifts handed out throughout the trip.

Traveling can really be a fun thing.
(It can also make you want to stick your head out the window like dog and scream.)
I mean when else do you get to spend 9 hours with your family.

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