Monday, August 15, 2011

WeekEND News

I do believe this weekend was pure perfection! Rob took Friday off and we spent the entire day at the zoo. The weather was gorgeous, so we took our time and enjoyed every moment.

This zoo is my absolute favorite. They have the best exhibits and so many hands on experiences. (They even have a lot of rides!) Above: The stingray was following Broderick's was so funny! We went on a little boat ride, touched snakes (I didn't but Broderick and Carys did. Carys went back a couple times to pet it!),

we saw a sloth up close, and so much more! Like I said, it was perfect!

Saturday we enjoyed what will probably be the last day at the pool and then went to a baseball game. The kids even got on the Jumbo tron! They of course thought that was so cool! They got to get Dippin' Dots and play in the bounce houses. Every kids dream, right!?

Sunday we did nothing. Have you ever heard The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars? (I have a slight obsession with Bruno! Shhh...don't tell Rob!) Anyhow, we lived that song on Sunday. (Minus a few vulgar parts.) Seriously, we stayed in our pj's, watched movies, played, and relaxed. Perfect ending to a perfect weekend!

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