Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday {House Church}

I love my house church! In the last couple of weeks I have gotten to

- see 2 people come to know the Lord that were connected to our house church.
- go grocery shopping with 2 of my great friends from house church.
- help one new mommy make 2 apple pies.
- that same new mommy watched Carys for me while I had and appointment.
- teach 12 little children about Jesus.
- study God's word with my house church family.
- eat dinner with them.
- encourage a sister going through a difficult time.
- encourage a sister going through a difficult time. (Yes I meant to write that 2 times!)
- watch God grow people (including me) beyond what I thought possible.
- have great ladies pray for me while I struggle with my own sin.

We have been a part of this house church for about 6 years. We have seen people come and go. We have made some of our greatest friends through house church.
Is house church difficult? Yes. Does it take time? Yes. Does it get frustrating? Yes.
It is worth it all!

This Thursday I am thankful for my House Church!

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The Family Fun Mom said...

Me too!!!!!! And if I don't say it enough, Thanks for all you and Rob do to lead our house church. We appreciate you SOOO much!