Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I went to a funeral today of a man that was 90 years old. I didn't know him very well, only met him a couple of times. I spoke to his lovely wife briefly. I asked her how long they had been married. "70 years," she said with a smile on her face.

70 years of marriage.


the memories she has.

the things they have seen together.

the conversations they have had.

the bond they share.

the fullness in her heart that is now empty.

how many times they have laughed and cried together.

the places they have been.

Being married for 10 years these days is an accomplishment. I immediately thought of my husband! I was saddened at the thought of loosing him. I called him as soon as I left. I can only hope and pray that Rob and I can share a life together even half the length of this time.

If you think of it please pray for sweet Ruby.

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