Friday, April 1, 2011

Once a Month Resolution

Yes it is that time again. I am happy to report that I have been doing good on my last 3 resolutions. Today I ate terrible and my in-laws are coming in town next week so I am sure I will eat bad then too, but I am making better choices! Exercising is going fabulous! (I wish I could do Zumba everyday! But I do have a family that needs me at night...bummer!) I have also been reading a ton with the kids. We have read 2 chapter books, working on our 3rd and been reading lots of short stories. It has been so fun!

So what does April bring you ask yourself...

Showers and flowers!

No, really, my resolution is...

To start "green" cleaning. I have been reading this book. It is a real eye opener! After reading about all the chemicals that are in the things we use to clean our house and the effects they have on our is amazing! I know this is going to be extremely hard, but I truly believe the outcome will be a blessing! It will be a process to change everything over to what the book recommends and I may never get there. The goal is to gradually change. I will not be buying products with certain chemicals in them: Ammonia, bleach, butyl cellusolve, chlorides, ethylene glycol, hydroxides, limonene. If you start reading labels you will be astonished. Not only with what you use to clean your house, but also your body and what you eat. The kids have this foam bath soap...I am sure you have it or have seen it. Well, it has propane in it! PROPANE!!!!!
I have been washing my kids with propane! What!!!!???

Okay, I am off my box now...

Really though, pray for me. This is going to be an undertaking, but I super excited for it!

Sneak Peak: After I finish this book, I am going to read, "Why Christians Get Sick."
That should be interesting too. Maybe it will really get my butt in gear on what I eat.
(i.e. McDonalds!)

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