Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend News

Of course it was another exciting and eventful weekend around here. Broderick "graduated"(not sure what they call it) from a Tiger Cub to a Wolf on Friday night! So proud of him. So bring on another year of cub scouts.
Saturday we had great plans to do something fun outside, but the weather was looking a little questionable, so we went to plan B. We headed down south a little ways to eat lunch at one of our favorite places. And guess what? They had a fire truck there. It was so cool. The kids of course loved it. We also took the kids to a great train place that was having a special Halloween thingy. It proved to be a winner.

While we were out Saturday we did a little shopping. Broderick walked past this picture and said, "That would be perfect for us." So we bought it! What do ya think?
I love that he picked it out. It makes it that much more special! So now, Rob and I are "in talks" about what color we should paint the living room. We are trying to move some pictures we already have around a bit. I am just not good at this sort of thing so...

Unfortunately on Saturday while we were out I hurt my back and Rob started feeling really crummy. So Sunday we just hung around home. It was not exciting, but we needed it.

And now...another week begins!

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