Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's that time again...

time to be thankful.

If you remember last week I wasn't feeling all that thankful.

Today I am. I feel like things have slowed down a little, and that project I is just about done.

Tuesday night at house church, Diana over at Daily Walking by Faith, came to share with us about what she will be doing on her upcoming trip to Africa. (Go visit her blog and read about how God is using her family in Africa. It is awesome!) One of the things is teaching the kids the story of Daniel and the Lions Den. She wanted to let all the kids make a lion pillow. She shared with us that these kids have nothing.

No sheets on their thin, beat up mattress.

No pillow.


The lion pillow will provide them with a pillow or stuffed animal. Something that is theirs. So when she asked me to help I was all for it. You see, I really want to go on this trip but the timing didn't work out. So any way I can be involved I am all over. It was a little stressful for me because I am not a detailed person. After I ordered the fabric I kept thinking, "I didn't order enough." Then when it didn't come in when it was supposed to I kept thinking, "How are we going to get these done."

I am happy to say that with the help of a lot of people, they are just about done. People from our house church donated money to buy the supplies, cut a lot of circles, eyebrows, eyeballs, noses, muzzles, and helped put the kits together. People from another house church helped cut and bought Ziploc bags. One of Carys preschool teachers donated bags. One of our house church members is a teacher so she had her students cutting circles. (A lot of circles!) It truly has been a blessing to watch this all come together. And...the best part, I am pretty sure we are going to have extra!

Today I am so thankful that these darling children (pictured above) will have a pillow they can
call there own.

(I just wish I was going to be there to deliver them.
Someday. Hopefully sooner than later, right Diana!?)

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