Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Bible Group

Have you watched the first episode of The Bible on the History channel?


We DVR'd it on Sunday and watched it tonight with the kids.  It was spectacle!  I was fighting back tears the entire time.  Why, you ask?  Because I believe this.  It is my history.  It is why I am who I am today.  It is one thing to watch a  movie that is made up.  But to watch something you believe with every fiber of your being, that you have read about many times, is a completely different thing.  He you didn't watch the first episode, I would highly recommend starting this Sunday.

The funny thing about this...

After we were done, Broderick asked me if him and Carys could read their Bible's together and then talk about what they read before bed.  Of course, I said yes.  (Could I really say no!)  They laid in Carys' bed and read for about 15 minutes then we told them it was time to rap it up.  I could hear them talking for a few minutes, then I heard Broderick say, "The Bible Group is now over." (Hilarious, right!?)  So, apparently, my children have a Bible group!