Thursday, March 3, 2011

Here we go!

It seems crazy to think that I dropped off Carys' registration papers this week. Not only because I can't believe she could be going to Kindergarten next year, but because it is March. August seems very far away. I know it will come fast, but it still seems far away.
Carys is a summer birthday so of course there are questions regarding whether she is ready or not. I heard from one teacher that when a child is 5 they are ready for Kindergarten. I know there is much debate over when a child should go, but Rob and I, along with the Lord, will make that decision based on what we know and see. We, after all, know our daughter the best. I have a conference with her teacher next week and she has screening in May. We will see how the Lord leads us through all of that. The girl loves school and doing "school work" so at least she has that going for her! With all the excitement of having 2 kids in school I think about all sorts of things. I keep getting the questions, "What will you do with all your time?" and "Will you go back to work?" To be honest, she will go for 2 1/2 hours a day, not a whole lot of time. And to answer the 2nd question...I do work! VERY HARD TO BE EXACT! I can totally seeing myself getting a part time job. I have already been subbing at Carys' preschool and loving it. Would love to keep doing it. Whatever I do, it will be VERY part time. I look forward to being able to serve my family in a different way when both the kids are in school. Until then, I will enjoy the moments I have with them at home. All to soon, they will want nothing to do with me. Sigh.

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ky said...

awww, such a great picture! and a great kid! :) you are right, you DO work very hard. and you do a great job. i'm so glad you and the other HC moms go through this ahead of me so you can counsel me through it when it's my turn! :) hehee. well, i will be praying for your decision.