Monday, March 21, 2011

Room (Redux)

I know I posted a few weeks ago about painting the living room. While I am still working on the color scheme for that room we decided to tackle something smaller. Carys' room. We painter her room purple before she was born. When she moved out of the crib we had her in a toddler bed and then Broderick's old bed (also a bed used my me, my step brother, my cousin, my mom, and my great-grandma) Her dresser was Rob's from when he was little. I loved the idea of the family furniture but as you can see below, it looked pathetic! The lampshade is broke and won't stay on, I never bothered to buy her sheets so they are navy blue, there is nothing on the walls. Pathetic!

Her is the new and improved room!

Her theme is Barbie! I love Barbies, she loves Barbies...who doesn't love Barbies. (If you don't you are not my friend anymore! Just kidding!) Pink walls, zebra print bedspread, black sparkly curtains, Barbies, new bed and dresser. I love it and if you can't tell by her face...she loves it too! We went with a loft bed (Broderick has one too. I hope to show you pictures of his room, but again, we are still deciding on paint. If you haven't noticed, I have trouble with this!) Their rooms, her specifically, is very small. The more space we can gain, the better! The only thing left to do is make some throw pillow, (We will wait until after the sewing class to do that), and find some great things for the walls.

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Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

You did a great job on this!! I LOVE the Barbie theme! I can't wait to help with making some throw pillows. I will be a sewing expert after our class! So, I am sure you will want me to help :)