Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Do the KIND Thing

Just when I think God is done lavishing His goodness, He shows up again.  And this time it is in a HUGE way.  Well, it is ALWAYS in a huge way.  I guess this one just really shocked me!

Rob works in the food industry and they work with a company called KIND.  If you are not familiar with them they sell healthy AND tasty snack bars and other healthy snacky things.  While selling snacks is a big part of their business they focus on making the world a better place one KIND act at a time.  Part of their motto is, "There is more to business than just profit."  Who doesn't want to stand behind a company like that?  (If you want to look more into their focus visit their website.  And then go buy some KIND bars!)

I tell you all that because each month they choose around 25 "projects" to be part of a contest to win $10,000.  Rob nominated the building project at Ebenezer a few months back.  They were selected to be part of the contest for March!!!!  I mean seriously!?  It is so simple to help in this way.  All you have to do is vote!  I am going to break it down step by step for you so you can help Ebenezer win $10,000 so they can be on their way to building a new school!

1. Go to this link
2. Click on vote with a kind act. (you will have to sign in through Facebook.)
3. It will then ask you what your kind act will be...choose one.
4. You can add 3 votes clicking on the twitter share button, the Facebook share button and the email share button.  That is a total of 4 votes!

If everyone votes and shares this every day we can win!  It appears to me that you can vote with a kind act each day, but can only do the email, twitter, and Facebook once.  Either way, please vote as many times as you can each day!  Rob and I do not know enough people to be able to win this, so we really need you to also share on your Facebook page, email everyone you know and beg for their help.  There is really no easier way to help raise money. 


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