Thursday, March 27, 2014

Africa Is On Her Now

What happens when you bring your children to Africa?
They fall in love!
It all started here...
Carys was helping Moses put his sweater on. (Yes, sweater.  As soon as it gets below 80 degrees they put on sweaters and coats!)  They have been buddies since!
When Rob came last March Moses wouldn't go anywhere near him. He cried all the time.  When we came in October, he was pretty much the same.  Rob got one picture of him smiling.
Yesterday, Carys bridged that gap with Moses and made a sweet connection.  Sylvia, the director of Ebenezer said, "Carys has changed Moses."

Look at the light in his eyes. 

Today they didn't leave each other.  Where she went he went.  Where he went she went.
We walked to check on the construction of the house and Carys wouldn't come unless Moses could. 

And then it happened.  She said, "Mom, how am I going to leave him?"
Wow...I told her, "It's going to hurt, and you are going to miss him.  Trust me...I know."
When it was time to leave she cried.  But it is was a different cry.  It wasn't a temper tantrum was a sad cry.  She really didn't want to leave him.
This girl has opened her heart big and God has filled it with love.  His love.
Africa is on her now too!

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