Monday, August 13, 2012

(Vacation) All I Ever Wanted

A week of relaxation.

A week of ice cream.
A week of little responsibility.

A week of doing fun stuff.

A week of Rockuccino.

A week of waves, sun and sand. was pretty much perfect!

We did some new things...

And some old...

After not being at the beach for 2 years it was great to be back. We have gone to the same place since Carys was one and Broderick was 3.  It was our first family vacation! 

Hard to believe.  This trip was a lot different than the first.  The kids spent most of the time in the waves and not in the sand.  The first year we had two strollers, this year we had none.  No naps this year and lots of late nights. 

Time goes fast...enjoy every second and make...

Great memories!

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ky said...

that looks so fun!!! love the old pics too. so cute. :)