Monday, May 21, 2012

WeekEND News

 We had a crammed pack weekend.  It was fun, but busy! 

Friday night Carys had dress rehearsal for her recital that was Sunday.  Do you have kids that dance?  If not, let me tell is an all day event!  Friday wasn't too bad, after she practiced we could leave, but Sunday we had to stay for the entire thing!  This year, since Carys was in a "big girl" class she had to stay backstage the entire time.  Since she is only 5 there is no way she was staying back there by herself, so I naturally got elected as "Dance Mom"!  Name tag and all.
 (Me and my sweet girl.  See the name tag?)
If you are wondering what it looks like back stage of a dance is a glimpse.

 Even though I had the Mary Poppins bag packed with everything imaginable the girls got antsy.  I had to think on the fly of some games to entertain.
Carys and most of the girls in her class only dance one routine, but some of them had 2-5!  So they were in and out changing and such.  It was madness!  MADNESS!  Thankfully I had two other moms from our class helping me!  I could not have kept track of those girls without them!

(Carys and all the girls in her class.)

Speaking of the moms...I met some wonderful ladies this year!  I will miss seeing them each week and talking to them.  Carys has danced with one little girl for two years now.  We are hoping that the two of them along with two other girls from her class and two other girls can form a competition team next year!  (OK...maybe I am going to be a dance mom!)  I am so thankful Carys gets to experience dance.  She loves it!

We didn't do recital stuff all weekend.  Broderick had a soccer game Saturday.  He played his best game.  I was very proud of him.  Funny story...after each game we have him tell his coach thank you.  The coach told us that last week after Broderick told him thank you, the coach asked, "for what?"  Broderick said, "Because my dad told me to."  So of course we had a conversation of why we want him to say thank you!  So funny!

We also got to celebrate Nate's birthday.  (Nate is Carrie's son.)  It is so hard to believe he turned 6 and that Carys is right behind him.  We had a great time.  Obviously I love hanging out with Carrie, but her family is so fun too!  They are great people to be around, so we always have fun with them!

We are now entering the last full week of school!  I am so glad!  After this week we have two, 4 day weeks and then....SUMMER!!!

Have a great week friends!

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