Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wow...what a weekend

So my best friend and I had the most amazing weekend away together. We have been talking about doing this forever and with the passing of her mom we thought what better time. It was full of laughs, tears, quiet and of course relaxation! One of our favorite things to do is go thrift store shopping so we started the weekend off that way.
Then we headed to a spa/retreat place in the area. Two days of pampering! This place was amazing to say the least. They have a hot tub and pool that are inside a cave. Does it get much better than this you ask, uh...yeah!
Then we had massages. I mean what really is better than an hour of someone rubbing you with excessive amounts of oil and lotion. When we were done we looked and felt like we had been sleeping for days. This is us after the we look relaxed?
A funny moment of the trip was the labyrinth. Carrie and I were more or less doing what we do best and being silly during this part. Hey Carrie, do you need to go back to nature!? It was very cool and fun!
They also have this pond with a paddle boat. Why not we thought. We were enjoying our ride in the paddle boat and then we started to get attacked by birds that were catching fish or bugs or something. At first we thought they were bats, but thankfully they weren't. This all made for a very short paddle boat ride. Carrie, are you laughing yet?
(I just deleted my picture of the paddle boat ride...I am such a moron!)

The day we let we had facials, which again was so relaxing and wonderful. Did we head home after that...uh NO! We grabbed some lunch and hit a few more stores.
Let me just tell you all what an amazing friend this girl is. Not many people are as blessed as I am to share something so special with someone. The first time we ever talked was over the phone, never met face to face. We talked for about 2 hours. When I hung up Rob said, "Who was that?" I replied, "I think my new best friend." That was over 6 years ago. And boy was I right! We are so much alike it is kind of scary. We can talk about the stupidest things and the most important things. We have have had to talk about some hard stuff, confess and confront on occasions. These things have only made our friendship better. We do things and say things to each other many people couldn't imagine doing with a friend. Our husbands and kids have all also grown very close. This is a friendship that will last a lifetime no matter what life brings us. I told Carrie's dad after her mom passed away that I would do anything for her, even give her a kidney. That is no lie, I would do anything for her! I am so thankful to the Lord for blessing my life with a friend that loves, encourages, forgives, cares, and really makes my life and me a better person! I love you girl!!!

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