Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hiatus over

So it hasn't been too long, right? I don't think so. The Bible does say ask and you shall receive. And guess what happened when I asked...you guessed it. He answered! I am not saying I have it all figured out, but the Lord used 2 events over the last couple of weeks to put things in perspective for me.
The first was very minor but spoke hugely to me. I was in the library by myself, which is a rarity, and there was a mom their with 3 small children. She was trying to check out and one of them was screaming and running away from her. Now, I could tell this mom was very frazzled. I left thinking, it happens to us all. I mean really, if you are reading this and your child has never misbehaved in a store or public place I would love to hear from you. My point is, I go to these places and think the workers have never seen kids misbehave before and it makes me feel terrible. The truth is, when they are misbehaving, I just need to deal with it and forget about the people around me. Kids are kids...they are all learning how to behave.
The second situation was major. My best friend's mom passed away about 2 weeks ago. This woman was amazing! I am not exaggerating! Rob and I left her funeral service desiring to be better people. The pastor didn't talk about what a great gardener she was, or how crafty she was, or what amazing photographs she took. He talked about what a light she was. Her kids talked about how she was full of love and grace. How she, no one else, led them to a relationship with the Lord. And her best friend talked about what a great friend she was. I am not saying I want to be Betty, but I want to be like the Christ that she was to so many people. The most important thing in my life right now is my relationship with the Lord. Secondly it is my family. I need to be more like Christ so my kids can know him. I am so thankful for the life Betty lived to remind me, and the rest of us that knew her, to be like Christ.
So, as I take these things God has placed before me I pray that I will continue to grow from them and a) remember to not get stressed out by the small stuff and b) to be more like him in everything!

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