Wednesday, February 8, 2012

For all you Mamas

Has anyone ever said to you, "Enjoy them while they are young...they grow up way to fast."

If you ever leave your house with your children I am sure you have heard this many, many times. What do you normally think when someone with older kids says this to you?

I have thought...
Yeah, right!
I am so exhausted right now, I can't wait until they are in school and I can have some time to myself.
When will the day come that I don't have to correct or clean up after them?
Ha! I would do anything to be at this store by myself.

You? Ever thought any of those things or anything similar?

My kids are only 8 and 5. Young still. However, I feel the time slipping through my fingers.

This past weekend we were watching videos from when the kids were really little. I thought of all the hard work that was. And how I felt my life would forever be filled with sleepless nights, cheerios, diapers, lugging small kids around, baby food, toys coming out my ears. It feels like the crazy will never end when you are living in it.

It does change. And to be honest, I kind of miss those things. (Kinda!)

My kids are so much fun now, but it really is true that the baby/toddler/preschool years are so, so brief.

All you mamas out there with children under the age of 5...listen up!

Hold those babies.
Squeeze them.
Play with them.
Laugh at the things that drive you crazy.
Be silly with them.
Cuddle on the couch and read.

Trust me...
the laundry will be there tomorrow.
the house will be dirty tomorrow.
dishes will get put away.
the things on facebook are not that interesting...I promise.
Pinterest is fun, but not as fun as dancing with your kids.

Think about what really matters in life and give it your all!

Thought I would share some fun cute pictures of the kids when they were itty bitty!


The Family Fun Mom said...

Awww, I LOVE this post, and those pics!! So sweet :)

Emily said...

This is a very sweet post Amy. Love the pictures of your babies.

Lisa Sorber said...

Thanks for this, Amy. I needed this reminder.

candi said...

more true words were never spoken.